Back in the Saddle

I didn’t post nor run at all last week, I fell a lil ill towards the beginning of the week which sucked and then we had this ridiculous amount of rainfall towards the end of the week. So all I really did was sit on my butt all week and eat all the goodies that are so very bad for me…and gained almost 8lbs in the process, lol. I can laugh about it because I know how much fun I had gaining it, and I’m not worried because just as easily as I put it on, I can take it off.

God I love running. *smile*

Today was my first day back out there and the goal was an easy 3. Now, I dunno why, but whenever I set out to do a 3 miler, I almost always turn it into a 5k (3.13mi). Perhaps because I figure that an extra .13 miles won’t hurt…and add to that the fact that I’m always curious to see what my 5k time is. The run went well, in the beginning I had a hard time determining if I was running a temp or an easy run, but on the return route I began slowing down a bit and eased into what I felt was an easy pace.

3 mi in 00:43:56 with an average pace of 13:46 min/mi…faster than I thought I’d be, but I know with the weather changing and all of that, my times will be adjusting in the weeks and months to come. Hurrah for getting faster!

Oh, and as an aside…I did sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in December…SO EXCITED!!!! I want to get a t-shirt that says “Will run for chocolate”…it’s true…I will, lol. Also, though I know I’m not quite up to marathon level material (YET), I’m thinking of participating in the Marine Corps Marathon Activities by running in their Marine Corps Marathon 10k held on the same day as the Marathon. I’ll keep you posted on that! 🙂


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