It’s Getting Easier…

This was just a good week for my training. Every run I’ve had this week has been excellent…the pace, the distance, and most importantly how I felt before AND after the run. I want to say that perhaps the change is both related to the weather and my attitude. I’ve gone out there with the intention of having a good run, regardless of the outcome, my goal has been to put forth true effort and just listen to my body versus my mind (which often times wants me to slow it down a little). What I’ve found is that my fall/winter lungs and legs are ready to go with this cool weather and my perceived level of exertion has changed. What used to feel like a difficult run in the heat and humidity, feels like a lovely little stroll in the cooler air.

This morning was a 7 miler. The intention had been to make it a slow and easy jog since I’d been pretty much running tempo runs for my last 4 runs. I started off nice and slow, no iPod on hand (left it at home accidentally) so I just enjoyed the natural views and went inside my head to ponder and reflect on various things (my favorite part of running in the early am). The run felt good, granted some parts were a little slow (hills, lol), but overall it felt like an easy run…

Then somewhere along there, perhaps on the return route, my “runners legs” kicked in. I’ve mentioned this before, that extra little boost you sometimes get when your legs fall into a rhythm and the rest of your body is kinda along for a ride? Yea, that kicked in and the next thing I know I was just running absentmindedly, lovely, and free. It didn’t feel like I was running any faster, my level of effort seemed to be about the same, but as I would check my time periodically it seemed as though my speed increased dramatically. I finished in 1:36: 30 with an average pace of 13:46 min/mi. Remember how I’ve been lamenting all summer about how slow I’ve been? I think with this weather changing and my attitude shift, I’m getting faster. A sub 14 min/mi pace for an easy run? For ME??? That’s big, huge even! And you want to know what? When it was all over, I felt so good I wanted to keep going…I could have added at least another mile, but I didn’t want to push it. But what a lovely feeling! What a lovely week this has been training-wise.

Yaaaay for the changing of the seasons!!! 🙂


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