Racing the Sun

Today I went for an early morning run…the kind of run where it’s still dark out, and I’ve got to say…it was refreshing. I think I hit the road around 5.45am, so it was dark out – far darker than I expected it to be so I ran without music so I could be alert in my surroundings. It was so quiet…everyone was asleep still, the world was not yet awake save a few dedicated runners, walkers, and joggers who popped up sporadically. It was too dark to see a smile, so we greeted one another with a regular vocal hello or wave of the hand. I could hear my footsteps, loudly echoing in the streets. Steady, confident, strong steps that kept me motivated and moving forward. Every so often I would happen upon other early birds in their secret morning fitness routines…two guys stretching in preparation for an early morning game of tennis on the lit court…a few young professionals who’ve made their way to the local gym for a crossfit session…it was lovely.

It just felt so…peaceful to be on a run at that hour. I ran until the sun came up…it greeted me on my return route back to my car and illuminated my way, urging me forward. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to be ‘running with the sun,’ but I do think I’ll try to catch a few more runs like this in the near future… especially before the time changes.

Stats for Today’s Run:

Distance – 5 mi

Time – 01:10:50

Avg Pace – 14:10 min/mi


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