Dear New Years Resolutioners….And Gym Regulars

Welcome to a new year of fitness. I see you in the gym, working out hard every day (sometimes several times a day), trying new classes, and searching for a healthier and fitter version of yourself.

To the gym regulars…I see you too. The look of annoyance and utter disdain…the side glances at gym newbies…the audible displeasure at how crowded the gym floor or locker room may be.

The gym is a place for all people, of all shapes, sizes, and athletic ability. It’s where folks go to sweat, do good work, and push through plateaus. It’s hard enough in a world of fast food convenience and sedentary complacency to make your way to the gym. Whether you’re a noob or a vet, there’s a place at the gym for everyone. What bothers me most about this time of year is the way some, and I will say some, gym regulars make comments aloud – either on the gym floor or in the locker room regarding noobs. Hey, if someone decided that 2015 was the year for them to lose that last 20 lbs, or to gain a little more energy, or to try yoga – CHEERS TO THEM!!! It’s not your place, vet, to make someone who’s probably already nervous as hell that much more uncomfortable. It’s mean, rude, and really…really annoying.

To my newbies, I hope this year you find yourself getting ever the more closer to your goal of a healthier you. Workout out, eat well, hydrate, rest, and repeat. Have fun with it, make new friends. In no time you’ll know the lay of the land at your local gym, which instructors you like, and which trainers are really cool (et ehm…ME). 😉 But most of all never forget, no matter how long you’ve been a member at a gym, everyone was new once. So be nice to one another, aight?

Now go be active. 😀



Ask Me Why I Lift…

…because my inner tomboy gets to come out and play


…because I like lifting with the boys


…because I like lifting more than some of the men I know



…because it makes me feel strong…AND sexy


…because muscles are hot


…because I love chalking my hands


…because no matter how shitty my day has been, I always leave a good session feeling like a new person


…because it makes me feel like I can move mountains


…because even when I struggle, I am making progress


…because I love the funky socks I wear to protect my shins…when really, I’d wear the socks regardless



…because I want others to understand they can too


…because I don’t mind a little sweat, dirt, and grit


…because it challenges me to get out of my head


…because I feel like a complete badass



…because it’s what I love to do


Morning Motivation #122



I’m going to continue with my theme of ‘”BELIEVE” for this week…There are a lot of times where I’ll hear someone say they wish they could run, or lift weights, or be more active or eat better, or live a more active lifestyle – you get my point. The mind is a powerful, POWERFUL tool, and when it comes to making positive life changes, your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy – it’s really up to you. But if you want it to be your ally, you must start by telling yourself that you CAN DO IT. Anything you wish to achieve can indeed be done, but the battle for your goals starts in the mind. Believe that a healthier life is one you deserve. Believe that is is within your reach. Believe that it is a possibility for you. Believe in yourself, and no one can stop you.


Be great.

Morning Motivation #121



I want to remind you, that whatever your hopes, goals, and aspirations may be…remain centered in your belief that it CAN happen and you WILL get there. If you’re looking to lose some weight, get more fit, complete a triathalon, run your first 5k…GO FOR IT. Nothing is out of your reach as long as you have the capacity to dream, believe, and DO.

Be great!!!!

Morning Motivation #120

Photo Feb 01, 8 54 06 PM


This Monday Motivational Message (oooo alliteration!), comes from yours truly. Ok, I know it’s Monday, and if you’re like me you probably hit the snooze button a few times this morning and had to negotiate with yourself to get out of bed. BUT you got up. There’s a whole day in front of you and with that day endless possibilities to go for your dreams and achieve something you never thought you could. All you have to do is step into that next level of awesome. It’s right there waiting for you. So…who’s ready to go????

Morning Motivation #119

Photo Feb 19, 10 51 00 PM


This one goes out to my lifters out there. I don’t have the words to explain what it feels like to set a PR, make progress on a new lift, or to hear your coach or peers tell you that they see the improvements. What I will say is, that as a female, I feel a lot more empowered since I’ve gotten into lifting. It’s a wonderful feeling, and as the quote above says, it’s more than JUST lifting. So, for those of you who have never tried lifting – I say give it a shot. For those of you who already lift? Lift on, lift heavy. 😉