Dusting Off the Keyboard

You know it’s been awhile when my browser history doesn’t even remember my web addy.

single tear for the forgotten blog

single tear for the forgotten blog

But I did that to myself…and to those of you who still read this – sorry y’all! To say that life has been crazy would not be an accurate enough statement…because in truth life has been LIFE. I’ve thought about writing, but then wondered what would I write about? If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve noticed a steady dwindling of fitness related posts and more of my personal self spilling over..and with it tons of selfies, lol.

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My selfie game is strong.

Let us take a walk back in time, shall we? I’ve been in this very strange place over the past year or so since I’ve stopped running regularly. Change of jobs, refocus of career, but more importantly a change in my exercise and food routine. I still haven’t quite landed into a regular pattern since I’ve stopped running. CrossFit kinda came in and with it a new community and new “norms” and apparently a new interest in lifting heavy things. How running fit into that lifestyle was quite easy…it didn’t. *shrug* Part of me felt kinda weird writing for a blog entitled TheCurvyRoadRunner, when I technically don’t really run like that, nor do I consider myself a runner. The Curvy CrossFitter or The Overweight Oly Lifter don’t really work for me either, lmao…I’m none of those things. I’m all of those things. I’m just me. I like to run…and lift weights…and these days it seems I’m gaining a new love for yoga. I just like DOING THINGS. There’s a lot the human body can do if the human mind and spirit would only endeavor to try.

My weight has fluctuated, and I’m on the heavier side of the scale…but I’m stronger than I’ve been in awhile. And I’m challenging myself to do things that I never thought I would…like handstands. Something so simple, right? Yet…here I am at 270 lbs (yea I said it) doing handstands. Who said I couldn’t do that? Apparently I did. So I’m about changing that. I’m for challenging the notion that I can’t do ______. I can. Or at least I can try, right? And with trying…you get better.

handstanding in 4 inch heels? don't mind if i do!

handstanding in 4 inch heels? don’t mind if i do!

For awhile I’d considered changing the name of this blog. I know the name I want it to be…Find Your FIt….because I think that’s what this journey has really been about for me. Figuring out what I want to do, how I want to do it, and what being fit looks and feels like to me. So I suppose you can say I’m “back” though I won’t be posting daily. For my own sake and sanity, I’ll at least try to use this space to share my own thoughts and experiences as I go about finding my own fit.



Life is a Big Sea of Change

…these days I’m just trying to go with the flow. Between becoming a certified personal trainer (sqeeeee!!!! ), getting a new job (I start Monday), and moving (I’ll be in a new spot by next weekend…I hope!), life has just been tossing me around a bit – but in a good way.

If nothing else, for the better part of the first half of this year, I’ve unknowingly been on an adventure. One of self discovery and reaffirmation, tears, laughter, frustration, and enlightenment. Life is funny that way I suppose. But what the past couple of months have shown me is that the way to finding your happiness and carving your own path is one that is not meant to be easy. I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past year or so thinking about my next steps. And surprisingly, these next steps literally mean I’m moving. Shifting homes, shifting jobs, shifting my mindset. It’s a good feeling.

If all goes well, you’ll see some things shifting here as well. CRR has been around for a lil over 3.5 years now, and I think it’s time to take the training wheels off and see what she can do. I’m hoping you’ll stick around for the ride, as I’m hoping to make it an amazing and transformational one for all aboard. *Lol, train jokes.*

But for now, wish me luck amidst this whirlwind of change. My hope is to be “settled” in by the end of the month in order to be positioned to take the second half of the year by Storme, lol – I’m just full of jokes this morning.

Till next time!
Storme aka TheCurvyRoadRunner


The Results Are In!

Hey you guys, I’m SUPER happy to report that I took my NASM exam over the weekend and I passed!!! I am officially a certified personal trainer! I’m beside myself with both happiness and relief. I’m so glad that the studying and preparation for the exam is behind me and now I can look forward to the next steps of putting all that knowledge to practice on clients.

If you would have asked me four years ago if I thought I’d be here, I would have probably laughed in your face. But here I am. *grin* Living proof that you can not only turn your life around to make healthier choices, but also proof that when you find your passion, taking a risk and stepping into the impossible can reward you in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Almost a year ago I decided I wanted to leave my job and focus my energies on doing more of the things I loved…writing this blog, working out, and helping others get fit. I came up with this “crazy” idea that I was meant to be a a coach/trainer to help people reach their fitness and health goals. I decided I would take the plunge and become a certified trainer, and a few months later – BOOM. Here I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for all of your encouragement and well wishings as I prepared for the exam. With the exam behind me, I can now focus on how to begin cultivating my business and figuring out which direction would be best for me to take. Expect more goodness to follow! ๐Ÿ™‚



Chockful O’Goodness

Sooooo many thiiiings going on right now! There’s a lot happening personally and professionally and my head is spinning these days, but all is well. I’m waiting to come down off of this busy high time and see where things “land” as it were, but in the mean time…we roll with it!

I’ve been plucking away at my little notecards and scribbles in preparation for my upcoming NASM Personal Training certs. It’s goin down in about two weeks! EEK!!! I’ve gotta say, this has kinda happened at a good point in my life though. Between joining crossfit, working at the gym, and constantly reading/learning about the human body and fitness out of a natural curiosity, the materials for the test seem to be second nature almost….ALMOST. There are still some things I’m working on and reinforcing, but I’ve gotta say…I’m feeling good about my decision to enter into the work of personal training and fitness – it suits me and I kinda love it. Can I tell you a secret? I want to be a strength and conditioning coach. Not immediately, not exclusively, but one day. There is a certain beauty in strength and building strength. One, that I think women often overlook and society as a whole sees as being masculine. Muscles are sexy. Strength is sexy. And a woman who embraces that? Oh, she’s a force to be reckoned with! But I digress. Suffice to say, studies are going WAY better than I’d hoped, and while I still have work to do, I’m feeling very excited and optimistic!

This will be my post exam happy dance.

This will be my post exam happy dance.


Let’s see…what else? Ah, for any of you guys who are in the Anaheim, CA area, I’ll be heading that way to attend the IdeaFit World Fitness Blogfestย in August! WOOOO!!!! I’m looking forward to meeting other fitbloggers and I plan on making plenty of new friends and connections! Trying to make myself a better blogger for you lovely folks out there. I’ve got some big plans for this lil blog of mine and this conference is part of the prep-work. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be staying after the conference as well to get in a few sessions at the World Fitness Convention that is happening simultaneously. Look at me…being all fit-cray. *giggles* I’ll be live tweeting from the event, so you can expect to hear more about that the closer I get to the event.

Juneathon is coming up…and I had a thought. It’s been a while since I’ve run consistently. But what if…what if, I ran for just a mile a day for Juneathon. Wouldn’t that be something? Could I stop myself at just a mile? Probably not without some effort to restrain myself, but I like the idea. Not going to commit to it yet, but methinks it’d be a nice and easy way to get myself accustomed to running regularly. I mean…it’s only a mile a day. I’ve covered more than 30 miles in some weeks in my best running periods. Anywho, it’s just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all from me for now though. Till next time!

Product Review: Fitbit Flex

Photo Jan 01, 3 11 23 PM

In an effort to keep track of my daily steps and my nightly sleeping patterns, I purchased the Fitbit Flex several weeks ago. I’ve been playing around with it for some time now, and wanted to give my unbiased opinion for those of you who might be considering making a similar purchase.

Look and Feel
It’s pretty light…I wear it right next to my road ID (which I wear ALL the time), and you really can’t notice that it’s there. The set comes with two different sized bands, a larger and smaller one. I think the default is the larger one, but for those with smaller wrists, no need to go and purchase a separate set. The Flex also comes in several colors – bright green, pink, blue, and black. I opted for the simple black one, since I really didn’t want any flashy colors this time around…surprising, right? It’s waterproof as well, so if you want to wear it in the shower or while washing dishes, it seems to hold up just fine. However, sometimes I’ve noticed a little bit of condensation in-between the tracking device and the bracelet. Nothing major though, because it ends up drying.

Photo Jan 01, 3 47 29 PM

Set Up
To set up the flex I had to go to Fitbit’s website and follow their prompts. It was pretty simple, each step was illustrated and clear to understand. When it came to syncing the Flex wirelessly, the set up prompt would not let me advance until it could verify that the sync was established – I liked that. Depending on the kind of phone you have, you can even sync the Flex wirelessly to that as well. Otherwise, you’d use the little device that’s included with the Flex to sync it wirelessly to your laptop. The Flex came out of the box with a charge already, so I didn’t need to charge it immediately, but it seems like the battery itself will last about a week or so fully charged. Charging it only takes a couple of hours, so I would just charge it overnight so as to not interfere with tracking steps. I was able to find a copy of the Owner’s Manual online here.ย 
App Integration
For those of you who use GymPact app, good news! You can sync the activity tracked on your Flex to GymPact and it will count as a work out as long as you hit over 10,000 steps in one day. Not too shabby! Also, for those of you who use MyFitnessPal (app or site) you can sync the Flex to that as well and between the two apps you can see the calories you’ve burned and calories you’ve eaten too! You will want to look at the walkthrough that MyFitnessPal does for syncing the two apps, as they do have certain tips and rules that you’ll want to follow to make sure that your activities and food are not double counted in the two apps.ย For iPhone users, the Fitbit app will enable you to see your progress as you go throughout the day. Even more awesome is the information from MyFitnessPal will also sync to the Fitbit app, allowing you to see the calories you’ve eaten in comparison to calories burned. There are a ton of other apps that will sync with the Fitbit, and you can check them out here.ย 

Literally, I put the thing on and don’t take it off unless I need to charge it. In order to track your progress throughout the day, all you have to do is tap the Flex screen quickly two times and a display of dots will appear. Each dot represents 20% of your progress for the day. Meaning, if I’m checking it and 3 dots show up, then I’m 60% to my 10,000 step goal (you can adjust your goal too btw!). Once you’ve reached your goal for the day, the bracelet will “do a little dance” and vibrate on your wrist. For when you want to go to sleep, you’ll have to tap the display on the Flex about 5-6 times quickly and the display will change to two dots on either side of the screen. Then, just got to bed! When you wake up, just hit the display 5-6 times again to turn off the sleep tracking. Oh, and if you forget to turn the sleep tracking off until mid-morning (like I’ve done a few times), no worries! Just turn the sleep mode off when you remember, as it will still be tracking your steps regardless. In regards to accuracy of steps taken, I must warn you that it is not 100% accurate. I’ve done a couple of “test walks” and have found that the steps I’ve counted do not match with the number of steps the Flex says I’ve counted. On average, the difference seems to be about 1.56 steps (Flex) to every 1 step (actually taken). Now, you can do with that what you will, but it’s not a major thing for me. As long as I have a general approximation of the steps I’ve done, I’m ok with it. Actually, If you want to adjust the goal to compensate for the difference you could adjust your daily goal to about 15,600 steps, which should be the amount the Flex would track for your to actually hit about 10,000 steps. I haven’t done that, but it’s not such a bad idea.ย 

Final Word
All in all, I like the Flex. It’s simple, easy to use, and does what I need it to do. For $99, I would say it’s a good investment for someone who wants to begin tracking their steps and sleep in a more meaningful way. Also, the app integration makes it a lot of fun and can provide some pretty useful information!

Do You Know What Today IS?!?!?


The turtle has always had a special place in this runner’s heart, lol. Tortoise is the new hare…just sayin!

It’s my anniversary…anniversarrrrrryyyy. lol

Today marks the 3rd year of The Curvy Road Runner, and my what an interesting and fun 3 years it’s been. I started this blog as a way to share my weight loss story with others, and as a way to show folks that big people run. Yea, and they can run FAR. Maybe not as fast…but still…we run.

As the years have gone by, I’ve experienced a lot of growth as a person and a runner. I’ve found my calling in life, to be a continued source of encouragement and knowledge for those who are trying to lose weight and change their lives for the better. So? Come this spring I will be a certified personal trainer. It’s a big, BIG leap for me, but it’s a leap that I am SO happy to be taking. From there, the learning will just continue as I take on clients and continue to further immerse myself in the world of fitness and physical health.

Over the years I’ve found that my attitudes and outlook towards exercise have evolved and expanded beyond the realm of running. I’ll always love running…it’s kinda my first love and I attribute a lot of the positive changes that have come about in my life to the sport. These days I find that I am opening up my sights to other various forms of exercise, and have fallen in love with lifting weights. Anything that challenges me or intimidates me is something that is guaranteed to interest me. The more days go by, the more I’ve come to see myself as an athlete. Can you be overweight and still be an athlete?

Yes virginia low res

Apparently, you can, and that has been mindblowing to me. I may not be at my final destination, but I’m on my way there and am having a blast along the way. There are so many things that I want to accomplish for both the blog and my personal health in this year alone…2014 is going to rock out loud! So, get ready! And dance! It’s my anniversary!!!

Morning Madness Workout

This morning’s workout was brought to you by my current favorite motivational song:

If you don’t know them…well get into this song. You’ll thank me later.

So I set out this morning with a plan. That plan was to run a lil, lift a lil, and dance a lil. I’m happy to report that I was able to do just that. I went out visit a trail I hadn’t run on in a while and got a 5k in. Then on my way back to the car I thought…why not get in a quick kettlebell workout before going to Zuumba? Note: I keep a 20lb kettlebell in my car…y’know just in case I get a random urge to workout, lol. But I’m serious. Ha. So anyways, the workout was awesome. I spent the evening before putting together what I thought might be a nice lil workout and it looked a lil something like this: Continue reading