Get Low

I was perusing the internets the other day and in the middle of reading about how to improve upon my squat depth I came across THIS guy:

Take note of what she’s standing on.

Apparently, this invention is called the Sqautty Potty, and its sole purpose is to enhance one’s pooping experience by mimicking the natural squat position. Now, I know you want to laugh…and you’re probably laughing right now, but hear me out…I think this is kinda an awesome idea. Just think about it – when you look at her posture on the lil squatty potty, it’s a pretty decent squat. Most crossfitters have a tough time getting into that kind of beautiful low squat positions that most oly lifters can make look so effortless…

Kendrick Farris *swoon*...aside from his looks, the man has awesome strength and PHENOMENAL form. See how he's just chillin at the bottom of that clean?

Kendrick Farris *swoon*…aside from his looks, the man has awesome strength and PHENOMENAL form. See how he’s just chillin at the bottom of that clean?


Naturally, being able to hit the bottom of a squat like that takes a good amount of flexibility. Something that normal folks like you and I may be lacking as we trudge to work several days a week to sit at a desk, further immobilizing the necessary joints and muscles we’d need to bottom out our squats. These days I’m all for sneaking a little more mobility into my life where I can. So something like the Squatty Potty (lol, I can’t help but laugh at the name) really is just another avenue to practice getting into a more natural squat.

Another thing I’m considering is to have at least one 12 in plyo box in my house. Now, sounds crazy…but I have rather ecclectic tastes when it comes to home decor anyway so adding one of these babies to my apartment doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I’ve been hitting box squats as a part of my workout routine and just today graduated from a 18 in drop to about a 15 in drop. Believe me, those 3 inches made a hell of a difference in my ability to get both down and back up with weight on the bar. The 12 in box gave me a nice stretch for a warm up, and in time the goal is to be able to hit box squats at 12 in…which should translate into some amazing mobility and ass to the grass kinda squats for me. *squeel* 😀

Add a cushion or drape some cloth over it and no one would even know.

Add a cushion or drape some cloth over it and no one would even know.

If I end up getting the Squatty Potty, lol, I’ll let you know what I think of it. But when I get the plyo box I will definitely give you guys an update. Mobility is on my mind these days. When you think about it, so much of your time is spent sitting at a desk, utilizing poor posture, and negatively altering the body’s natural range of motion and movement. Find some easy and fun ways to integrate a little more mobility into your day. Whether it be foam rollers, lacross/soccer balls, resistance bands, yoga…just anything to get you a little closer to being a little more nimble. The better range of motion, the better and more efficient movement is when exercising, which further reduces the chance of injuring yourself. Just a little bit of advice for ya.

Till next time…

Squat deep, my friends.

Squat deep, my friends.


Note: This was NOT an endorsement (paid or otherwise) for Squatty Potty. I was not asked to write anything about it, but rather I found it online and felt like it was something funny and relevant enough to share with you all. 


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2 thoughts on “Get Low

  1. Someone once told me they squat to use the toilet and I thought that was the weirdest thing ever. Until I realized the squatting benefits help relieve pressure on the bowel muscles. I still haven’t apologized for calling them strange though.

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