Morning Motivation #121



If you ask me how I’ve been feeling lately…I think this pretty much sums it up. Life is CONSTANT change. Our perspectives change, our bodies change, our exercise habits, our diets, the people we hold closest to us…all of it changes at some point. Some changes are more subtle, some more jarring, but regardless of the rate of change – it is the one thing we can ALWAYS count on. I’ve been going through my own changes for the past couple of years, and most of them haven’t been so gentle. I figure, the rough and tumble me is getting put to the test, and the more I embrace and come to expect the change, the easier the transition. I say all of this to say, be encouraged and inspired by the changes that happen around you. Learn to manage through the change and go with the ebb and flow of life, and you will end up a happier and more grounded person for it. 🙂


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