Chockful O’Goodness

Sooooo many thiiiings going on right now! There’s a lot happening personally and professionally and my head is spinning these days, but all is well. I’m waiting to come down off of this busy high time and see where things “land” as it were, but in the mean time…we roll with it!

I’ve been plucking away at my little notecards and scribbles in preparation for my upcoming NASM Personal Training certs. It’s goin down in about two weeks! EEK!!! I’ve gotta say, this has kinda happened at a good point in my life though. Between joining crossfit, working at the gym, and constantly reading/learning about the human body and fitness out of a natural curiosity, the materials for the test seem to be second nature almost….ALMOST. There are still some things I’m working on and reinforcing, but I’ve gotta say…I’m feeling good about my decision to enter into the work of personal training and fitness – it suits me and I kinda love it. Can I tell you a secret? I want to be a strength and conditioning coach. Not immediately, not exclusively, but one day. There is a certain beauty in strength and building strength. One, that I think women often overlook and society as a whole sees as being masculine. Muscles are sexy. Strength is sexy. And a woman who embraces that? Oh, she’s a force to be reckoned with! But I digress. Suffice to say, studies are going WAY better than I’d hoped, and while I still have work to do, I’m feeling very excited and optimistic!

This will be my post exam happy dance.

This will be my post exam happy dance.


Let’s see…what else? Ah, for any of you guys who are in the Anaheim, CA area, I’ll be heading that way to attend the IdeaFit World Fitness Blogfest in August! WOOOO!!!! I’m looking forward to meeting other fitbloggers and I plan on making plenty of new friends and connections! Trying to make myself a better blogger for you lovely folks out there. I’ve got some big plans for this lil blog of mine and this conference is part of the prep-work. 🙂 I’ll be staying after the conference as well to get in a few sessions at the World Fitness Convention that is happening simultaneously. Look at me…being all fit-cray. *giggles* I’ll be live tweeting from the event, so you can expect to hear more about that the closer I get to the event.

Juneathon is coming up…and I had a thought. It’s been a while since I’ve run consistently. But what if…what if, I ran for just a mile a day for Juneathon. Wouldn’t that be something? Could I stop myself at just a mile? Probably not without some effort to restrain myself, but I like the idea. Not going to commit to it yet, but methinks it’d be a nice and easy way to get myself accustomed to running regularly. I mean…it’s only a mile a day. I’ve covered more than 30 miles in some weeks in my best running periods. Anywho, it’s just a thought. 🙂

That’s all from me for now though. Till next time!


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