She Eats CARBS!!!!

Ok, look…so I eat carbs. And no, I’m not ashamed.


Let em know MJ!

My carbs of choice tend to be in the cakey-doughy family, there is something about the texture of a really good piece of bread or croissant that is just…magical. Case it point? This weekend I went home to Jersey to visit my mom for Mother’s Day and over the weekend I had all kinds of deliciously devilish treats…but the master of it all was the pretzel. Ok, so for those of you who have never had a twisted pretzel from the Philly/South Jersey area – you have not lived!


Yes…I do. #sorryNOTsorry

Yes, my love of carbs run deep and true. And over the years as I have found my way towards my own fitness, the love of carbs have always kinda been there. *shrug* Who woulda figured? But at least I know what my go-to food seems to be. I think a number of us have that one food that is a trigger of sorts, which can just set things off – and not in the best way. What I try to do is to acknowledge the moment…if, in stopping to think about it, I decide I want to indulge, then I do. If I decide that I don’t really want that particular food after all, then I just don’t have it. It’s all about choices – not just choosing the right foods, but making an informed choice to eat the wrong ones – without being all twisted up inside for that one moment you let yourself slip. Guess what? One slip up won’t hurt you – just make BETTER choices MORE OFTEN.

Ah, and you you know what else I’ve discovered about myself? I’m a grazer…a nibbler, if you will. I like little finger foods that I can just nosh on all day versus having several solid meals…When you’re sitting at a desk all day, I will either get so caught up  in my work that I’ll forget to eat all together…and totally LOSE IT when I do get a chance to eat. OR I might eat that one solid meal and feel just as heavy as the food I ate. The right mix for me seems to be a combination little meals which also double as snacks. Liiiike, my new obsession?


Prosciutto & Melon

Simple. Easy. Delicious. Filling. One of my new breakfast/brunch options while I’m at the office is to take a couple of cantaloupe spears, cut them into cubes, and wrap them in prosciutto. Really, REALLY good you guys! It’s a quick and easy thing to prep, either at home or in the office (if you have a kitchen available there). These days I’m all about being efficient with my time and my eats. I’m currently on the lookout for simple and easy foods – for instance this homemade guacamole I came up with that can be made in less than 5 minutes (YES!) – I’ll have to share that with you guys later.

So talk to me – what are some of your trigger foods? How do you manage your reaction to these foods? What are some of the shortcuts you’ve utilized to cut down on your meal prep time?


4 thoughts on “She Eats CARBS!!!!

    • Right? And it just makes more sense to me, since I’m sitting anyway and want to be able to eat while working. Plus it’s a lot easier for me to manage making smaller, healthy snacks, than larger healthy meals. Working on it, but still it takes me too much time to think the larger meals through and make them happen on a consistent enough basis.

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