Morning Motivation #117

Ok, so forgive me in advance because technology isn’t on my side right now, but I wanted to give a different kind of motivation to you this morning. The phrase of the day is…

Body acceptance.

Ya, I know I’m a fitness blogger, so shouldn’t I be blogging about exercises and all that? Eh, well check this out kids – fit doesn’t equate skinny. And being well and healthy is a mind, body, spirit thing that can’t be fixed by fitting into a smaller size dress or even lifting heavier weights. You want to be healthy? Learn to love and appreciate YOU…right here. Right now.

Women specifically are guilty of not loving their bodies. We want things to jiggle less and to be flatter, it’s the aesthetic of ourselves we are looking to change, without appreciating whatever stage of life and wellness we may be in. So I share with you this amazing video by Gabifresh, plus size fashion blogger and one bad mamma jamma!




I figured out how to embed the video…WOOT!




2 thoughts on “Morning Motivation #117

  1. Oh man, you must have read my mind this morning. I’ve been debating writing about body image/self-acceptance etc for a few days but just can’t quite organize my thoughts. This was very timely–thank you!

    • You’re more than welcome! I just saw the video this morning, and aside from being just MARVELOUS, I had to share it and really think about what body image can do to a woman’s psyche when it comes to talking about losing weight.

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