Reebok Spartan Race 2014

Ok so for those of you who know me, you know I consider myself to be a lil bit of a badass. But in all of my running, crossfitting, and weightlifting badassery I haven’t tackled a mud/obstacle run since the Warrior Dash in 2011.

Enter the Spartan Race.

First, the race itself comes in four different categories, with the most extreme one called the Death Race. Yea. DEATH… RACE. Cheers to the souls who have the athletic prowess and mental fortitude to enter that category. But for us regular folks the other levels are:

Spartan Sprint (for beginners), which is about a 5k
Spartan Super (intermediate), which is 8+mi
Spartan Beast (advanced), which is 12+mi

I’ve no clue what Spartan Death entails, but I salute you brave souls who have a go at it.

Obstacles and overall race distance seem to vary depending upon the “level” you sign up for. It looks like a fun time, and definitely something I’d like to give a go…

So…are there any takers? Anyone planning on running the Spartan this year? If so, I’ve got a little gift for one lucky Spartan wannabe, courtesy of the folks at the Spartan Race. One reader will win a FREE race entry!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment below about the last time you had to push beyond your limits. I want to announce the winner by this Sunday, so get to commenting and sharing!

Full Disclosure: In exchange for writing this post about the race, The Reebok Spartan Race Folks have provided the free race entry for you guys. No monies exchanged hands! Now get to commenting!


4 thoughts on “Reebok Spartan Race 2014

  1. The last time I pushed my limits was for the Primal Mud Run, an OCR similar to the Spartan. I haven’t done the Spartan yet though…

  2. The last time I had to push past my limits was during the DC Rock n Roll half marathon. I was running at a personal best when I began to cramp up around mile 10. At this point I knew my PR was lost but I still knew I needed to cross that finish line. I began to walk, then run, then walk again until mile 12 when my left leg completely seized. Now all I thought was how am I going to finish this race…Well, I found a spot on the course where I could spend time stretching and loosening up my hamstring, this took about 10 – 15 minutes. After the stretching I got back up and pushed as best I could to that finish line, hobbling and everything. Ultimately I finished the race and was proud of my ability to push beyond my limits to reach my goal.

  3. The last time I pushed beyond my limits was a local 5K. I was injured, but was intent on running it with my wife. It was a painful run, but we finished together.

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