What I Did this Weekend

I had the most EPIC weekend ever…

Friday marked my 5th Anniversary of joining the most illustrious sorority in the world…Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. So my lovely line sisters and I got a chance to have some fun and fellowship. There is something about sisterhood that is just good for the soul. Being around them, seeing their smiling faces, catching up and reminiscing on old times…yea that did my heart good.


some images of my lovely LSs from this weekend!


I clean up nice, don't I? lol

I clean up nice, don’t I? lol


Then Saturday my box (CrossFit Praxis) held its Spring “Battle of the Box” where I participated in a team competition against other members of the box. There were about 12 teams total, so the box was PACKED and the excitement and energy was just…well it was like a buzz. The WODs were tough, but fair and tested the strengths and weaknesses of us all.

my team!!!! great ladies, all of em!

my team!!!! great ladies, all of em!


The first WOD was 7 minutes of Burpee Box Jumps…yea it was as sh*tty as it sounds…hate burpees, lol. And I actually got a little ahead of myself and messed up on the first couple of box jumps and ended up hurting my knee. No worries, I’m better now though. Our team had a great strategy for that one, every one of us did 10 at a time, so that way we all remained rather fresh and didn’t burn out. But burpees…just not my cup of tea.

Teams from the 2nd heat working on the burpee box jumps

Teams from the 2nd heat working on the burpee box jumps


WOD number two was the Deadlift. *cues angelic choir* I LOVE deadlifts…so simple. The weight is on the ground…you pick it up…drop it back down. Simple, right? Right! In this WOD each member on the team was to establish his/her one rep max. We were then scored according to the Wilks Coefficient Points System, which basically scores your lift taking into account your body weight. That was cool, because it leveled the playing field a bit, since bigger guys tend to be able to lift more weight than their smaller counterparts…the Wilks system takes the lift itself and adjusts for the weight of the person doing the lift. I hit a PR on this event…in the past I think my max deadlift was somewhere around 205 – 215…well I definitely hit 275lbs!!!! I can lift more than I actually weigh! I was stoked, shocked, and kinda bummed because naturally I wanted to hit 300, lol. But the lovely thing is that I know where I stand with my lift and that I am much…MUCH closer to my goal of being able to deadlift 300lbs. Added bonus…a number of us PR’d on the deadlift that day, which made this particular wod all the more exciting. Seeing the numbers that folks were putting up has inspired me to go for even more. Not only will I hit the 300lb deadlift, but I will surpass it. I want 350…then 400lbs.

me and one of my friends and teammate reveling in our DOMINANCE of the Deadlift WOD

me and one of my friends and teammate reveling in our DOMINANCE of the Deadlift WOD


with Coach Bobby of CF Praxis. this man knows his stuff!


The final WOD was a killer. 15 minute AMRAP of wall balls with a 120 calorie row buy in. What that meant is, each member of the team rowed on the rowing machine until we as a team rowed 120 calories. THEN we got to do wall balls, but everyone, male and female, had to hit the highest line on the wall. I think that is about 10 ft, when usually us ladies get to aim for the lower line/target. This one was tough for me personally. By that point in time, my knee REALLY hated me. And on top of that getting the ball to hit the wall that high was really difficult. I had a couple of good reps in me, where I got into a good rhythm, but other than that…nah it was kinda tough. But what I DID learn is that I can do it. And if I can do that height with a 14lb ball…I don’t see why I can’t do the “standard” height target with a heavier ball, and slowly work my way up to doing the same height and weight as the boys. Right? Right.

My team didn’t win the competition, but that’s ok because we all had a great time. Now that I’ve got my first crossfit competition under my belt, I have an idea what to expect in the next one. Yes, I’ll be doing this again. If nothing else, it’s a great way to connect with other athletes, especially those within your box. It didn’t feel like a traditional competition, but for me it was really about cheering on some of my new friends and seeing everyone really push themselves for excellence. To me, crossfit is about pushing beyond what you thought you could do…and I’m lucky to be a part of a box that is filled with folks that are so encouraging. It’s like family.

Suffice to say, I had a pretty amazing weekend…what did you guys do?


4 thoughts on “What I Did this Weekend

  1. Love the CrossFit write up! And spending time with the sisterhood, I agree, can be one of the best things ever. Gotta tell you, I love your morning motivations but love the personal stories so much better.

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