Know Your Goal

The fit bug has hit America and it seems to have hit us very hard. Everywhere I turn there is someone posting, tweeting, talking about working out, losing weight, eating better. Perhaps my opinion is a bit biased, as I do work in a gym among health conscious people…but even in the greater realm of my social circle there seems to be a rumbling of sorts as people are getting tired of their old routine and noticing a certain softness accumulating around their waistline.

It’s cool, I think it’s great that we are all becoming more conscious of what we are eating and how we are treating our bodies. I’m hoping that this renewed interest will lead to a much healthier and happier society in the long run.

So to you out there, who are somewhere along the path to a more active and healthier life, I say congratulations! Allow this humble person to offer you just a little bit of advice…

Know your goal.

Whatever that may be, whether it be scale related (lose 10lbs) or non-scale related (run a 5k), know what it is that you are working towards. Make your fitness goal a high priority and work your tooshie off to get there…and have FUN with it! As you work towards your goal, understand that it may not be easy and there may be set backs at times. But do not lose focus of your goal. The mind is a very powerful muscle…whatever you set you mind to do, you will accomplish in time. Allow me to offer up a couple of quick little tips that will help you remain focused:

State it plain. Repeat it often. Make a mantra of sorts out of your fitness goal. Repeat it to yourself periodically.
Phone a friend.. Yea, sometimes we need someone to boost us up a little bit. It’s helpful to have a buddy that can give us a quick pep talk or even having a workout buddy. Having another person around in this capacity can be great for accountability.
Make it fun. Think of your goal, not as some task you have to slave towards doggedly…but rather as an opportunity to go on an adventure. Enjoy this adventure and try to keep the playful and fun things involved in your journey towards your goal. You’re more likely to stick with a goal if you find the work to get you there enjoyable.

Ultimately, the decision to set a goal and the accomplishment of that goal rests in your own hands. Whatever you decide, and however you decide to get there, don’t lose focus of why you started in the first place.



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