CrossFit Concerns

Excellent article you guys. For those thinking about trying crossfit, please read this. For those who are already DOING crossfit, please read this. Just read it!

Cakehole Management

I came across this local story about “CrossFit Concerns” on DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG  and thought I’d chime in with some insider insight and tips on how to help folks better understand how to successfully enjoy their CrossFit experience.  First and foremost, as in any fitness endeavor, your primary concern should be the Coaching Staff.  No matter what you read in media, hear horror or success stories from other folks, the only thing that matters is the Coaching Staff at the CrossFit Box you are interested in and/or are a member of.  Here are the critical details to evaluate the Coach:

  • The Coach(es)  evaluate you for gross physiological dysfunctions.   No matter who I work with, no matter what for – if you are doing supervised exercises with me, I apply my M2FAT (Mathis Functional Fitness Assessment Test).  It is an assessment of a person’s…

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