Valentines Day and Mini-Updates


Hey you beautiful people you! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have plenty of smiles and laughter on this day and all days. May you feel an intense love for self, love from your loved ones, and love of just life in general! Yep, I’m in a pretty good mood today. This year has been off to an interesting start. 2014 has been showing off, and I’m showing off right along with it! Things are going pretty well with my preparation for getting my personal training certification. The more I’m learning the more I want to learn…the human body is just so AMAZING. It’s just a miraculous thing you guys. Use it. As often as you can. It’s a gift and a treasure. These days I’m online reading a lot, or ordering more books to read, or talking to my trainer friends and co-workers at the gym…I’m just immersing myself in the world of fitness in ways that I never thought I would. It’s been lovely.

Speaking of lovely, I’ve kinda fallen in love with crossfit. I think I drank the kool-aid…actually I think I’m pretty much bathing in the damn kool-aid at this point.

Note the kettlebell in his hand, lol. Love it.

Note the kettlebell in his hand, lol. Love it.

The box I attend is great, coaches are super helpful and informative. I’ve learned so much about proper form and I’m just getting started. My box-mates are cool, we definitely support each other through tough wods and lifts, and there have been a couple of times where their cheers have gotten me through the last bit of a really tough workout. It’s like a little family there. I see why people go crazy about crossfit. I’m kinda thankful that my box has a good mix of skill work and metcon aka metabolic conditioning (read more here), which doesn’t KILL you, but you definitely see progress. I’m at my box Mon – Fri and every day I go in I’m seeing progress and noting my comfort level and competency in form improving. I still have a ways to go, but I can say (and my coaches agree) that I’ve been getting better. BOOM! The more I go…the more I lift…the more I’m convinced that I want to get into competitive olympic weightlifting one day.

Meet my new crush, Kendrick Farris:


Seriously though…his form. BOOM!



For now, I’m just working on my form for the different lifts. Once I’ve mastered the form…it’s a done deal. In the meantime, I’m considering registering for the 2014 Crossfit Open. Thousands of folks across the world register for a chance to test their limits and for a shot of making it to the CrossFit Regionals and then the National competition. Make no mistake, I have zero delusions of grandeur about making it far, but participating in the Open is more about testing my personal boundaries. The hope is to use this year’s Open results as a benchmark of my overall performance as I go forward in my journey. I’m still debating signing up, but let’s be honest…we already know it’s a done deal. 😉

Oh! And in a bit of fantabulous fitness news, you’re looking at the newest addition to the #sweatpink family!


I was recently selected to be a #SweatPink Ambassador! For those who aren’t familiar with Sweat Pink, it’s a cadre of kick ass women in the fitness world. We run, we lift, we swim, we bike, we tri, we ultra, we crossfit – we do it all. To learn more about us, check out the website.

AND, as if that’s not enough fitness goodness already, yours truly has recently become an Herbalife Independent Distributor and Health Coach!

Yep, that's me!!!

Yep, that’s me!!!

What inspired me to take that leap was my desire to really take my personal fitness to the next level and to help other folks to do the same. A buddy of mine had a MAJOR transformation, like he lost 90+ lbs in about 10 months on Herbalife, and his story has been such an inspiration that I just had to find out more about Herbalife myself! I’m enjoying the supplements and the shakes, and my morning prep work for making my usual protein shakes have been greatly reduced and simplified since making the switch to Herbalife. If you’re interested in learning more about the products and the business itself, feel free to check out my website here or shoot me an email here.

That’s all from me for now, till next time…BE GREAT!!!


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