Product Review: Steve’s Original PaleoKits

Steve’s Original Paleokits. Now, these products have a certain special meaning to me. The idea of the PaleoKits came about from a man named Steve Liberati who wanted a quick, easy, and healthy alternative to feed some of the kids who participated in his afterschool CrossFit program for youth in Camden, NJ – my hometown.

Aside: Now, for those who don’t know much about Camden…it’s a rough town. It wasn’t always like that though, but as the years have gone by, things have gotten progressively worseCurrently the country’s most impoverished and crime-ridden city…and at one point was dubbed the “murder capital of the US”. Yea, that’s home. Not a lot of positive outlets for young people exist in Camden, but Steve opened a CrossFit box called Steve’s Club for Camden youth as a place where kids can learn CrossFit and as an alternative for being out on the streets. Since it’s inception in 2007 the afterschool club has gained popularity, and other Steve’s Clubs have popped up across the country, with the same mission to help at-risk youth by providing them with the necessary mentorship, fitness, and nutrition needed to facilitate positive youth development. While home for the holidays, I had the opportunity to visit the original Steve’s Club. The kids were working on their cleans that day, and coaches were right there with them, encouraging them and giving feedback on form and safety when performing the lift. Boys and girls (yay for girls who lift!) were participating in the program and cheered each other on as everyone sought to master the lift. I can’t put into words what it felt like to know that a program like this exists for kids in my hometown, but I salute Steve and his team for putting such a program together.

As I mentioned earlier, the PaleoKits themselves came about as a way to improve nutrition of the youth attending the after-school program, and the next thing you know it gained popularity among folks outside of Steve’s Club as well. They’re now for sale here and a portion of each purchase made goes towards funding the Steve’s Club National Program. Lucky us! Because the Paleokits are AWESOME! There are several options you have within the product line, and while I have yet to try them all – I did try a good deal of them, such as:

PaleoKit: These are kits that include jerky, fruit, and nuts. You can get them in a large or small size, and either loose or tight packed. I tried the Original in tight packing, the Grass-Fed kit in tight packing, and the Coconut kit in loose. Tight packing will allow the juices from the berries to seep into the jerky, making it a little juicier and easier to chew. Plus the combination makes for some interesting and yummy flavors. However, the tight packs can be a little sticky when it comes to chowing down, so make sure you have a napkin handy…or if you’re like me, just be ready to lick your fingers. *shrug* Don’t judge me. The Coconut kit only comes in loose, and after eating it I can understand why…it’s WAY more enjoyable to eat. Little of jerky, some coconut shavings, and some fruit – heaven, pure and simple. This was my go-to snack after a tough crossfit workout. It can be a little messy…or maybe I’M just messy (highly likely), but either way, be mindful of the coconut shavings lol.

PaleoJerky: Please, for the love of all that is good and right in this world…try the Chicken Jerky. It’s got a good texture to it and has a spicy kick as well. My sister and I devoured several packages of this stuff…omg, so good. It comes in a small pack and a large pack. The small pack was sufficient for me, lest I lose my mind in the spicy chicken jerky heaven. They also offer jerky in the Original and Grass-fed flavors (like you’d find in the PaleoKits).

PaleoStix: Think Slim Jims….but better. They come in Original and Grass-Fed variety. They’re super delicious. One pack comes with 4 servings (each stick is one serving of about 40 cal each), but I tend to eat an entire pack in one sitting, since I like to use them as a post workout treat. Oh, and when you pair it wit dried fruit?!?! OMG!!!! Speaking of…

Dried Fruit: Yep, they’ve got that too! I’ve just had the strawberries so far, but pairing it with the PaleoStix was an amazing revelation for me. They’re really sweet, maybe a little too sweet for me to eat a ton of them at once – but I guess that’s the point, huh? Though, if you’re in the mood for a sweet little treat then these would be a good thing to have handy.

PaleoKrunch: This comes in both bar and cereal style. The Krunch Bar is basically a tasty granola bar, but bigger in size than your average granola bar. The larger size of the bar was kinda nice, as you could munch on it for a nice little while. The Krunch Cereal was really good too! For those of you looking for a better alternative to the super sugary cereals that are out there now, the PaleoKrunch Cereal is a nice pick. You could eat it dry if you wanted, think of it as just loose granola, but add some milk and you’ve got a tasty cereal. The PaleoKrunch comes in several flavors, including Origina, Fig, Dark Chocolate Espresso, and Cranberry.

PaleoNuts: These are also housed within the “PaleoKrunch” category on the website, but I had to give them a special shout out as these are my weakness right now. It’s a cinnamon pecan nut mix of absolutely divine proportions. THIS is my go to snack when I want to munch on something because of the combination of salty and sweet. It’s got almonds, pecans, and walnuts in it with a nice cinnamon flavor to it. They sell it in two sizes – an 8oz tub or in individual 2oz packs. My recommendation? Be wary of the tub! The reason why is because the individual packs make it a lot easier to handle your portion control – one 2oz serving is about 400 calories SO you will need to practice the fine art of moderation. I’ve had the tub and the individual packs, and I think I seem to like the packs better, especially since the smaller packaging allows for portability.

So, my overall verdict? LOVE the line of products, and I currently use them as quick on-the-go snacks. They’re easy to carry, nutritious, paleo, are reasonably priced, and part of the proceeds go towards a program for kids in my hometown. For me? It’s a no brainer. I suggest visiting their website and checking it out for yourself. Also, I’ll be including some of their items in an upcoming giveaway so keep an eye out for that as well.

Till next time!

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