Morning Motivation #71

sacrifice to become

When it is said we want to reach a next level in our fitness, or to attain some goal…be it a race, a triathlon, lifting a certain amount…whatever…change will have to occur. Whatever or where ever we may be in our life will have to change as well. That means old patterns will have to cease to create room for the new patterns you are developing to reach that goal. It’s scary to let old patterns go away, and it’s hard to break them especially if we’ve been doing them for a long time. But it is necessary to reach that next level.

What I like about this quote is that it basically says it all in one succinct sentence. In order to progress forward, sacrifices must be made. When people hear the word sacrifice, automatically it is given a negative connotation. It evokes imagery of suffering, loss, scarcity…but sacrifice can be liberating and invigorating! Imagine what you are gaining by creating ROOM for that next big thing! Contrary to what we like to believe, we can’t have it ALL…but we CAN have the BEST if only you are willing to let go of some of those habits and patterns that are holding you back.

As you look to become better versions of yourselves, fitter, more athletic, and with more energy and zeal for living…be prepared to put some things aside as you prepare for who you could become. Even the caterpillar must shed it’s comfy cocoon to become the beautiful butterfly.


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