A Word on Transformation / Weigh In (January 25, 2014)

12/31/13 : 265
1/4/14 : 258.6 (-6.4)
1/11/14 : 260 (+1.4)
1/18/14: 256.7 (-3.3)
1/25/14: 255 (-1.7)

If I can say just one word about transforming your body, I would have to sum it up in one word: Slow. Now, this is not a complaint, more of an observation. For those of you who have just begun to lose weight, please know that it tends to fall off really quickly at first. Especially if you have a lot of weight to use. I remember when I first started, it seemed like I could lose 5lbs by just LOOKING at a carrot. But at some point, the shedding of the the pounds slows down to a near crawl.

What gives, right? You’re still eating pretty well, and getting your workouts in too. But for some reason, instead of losing pounds a week, you’re losing ounces. Or maybe nothing at all. You’re still not at your goal, and if you’re like a certain someone I know (uh..myself, lol) you still have a ways to go before your transformation is complete. No need to freak out though. It just might be time for a little tweak. Switching up the workout. Adding some more fruits and veggies to the mix. You know, basically stepping up your game. After awhile, the body can get used to routine and sometimes we get bored with it. So, new challenges, new adventure, new stages of health.

Yours truly? Well CrossFit has been my way of shaking things up a bit. The box (box = studio in CrossFit lingo) I attend has a good system of setting up workouts. Part mobility (stretching), part strength and skill building with weights, part gymnastics, and the metcon (metabolic conditioning)…then more mobility at the end. In that one hour I get a good variety of skills to work on and my body is working in very different ways. Add to that, I’ve been adding some good old cardio back into my workouts as well. Running, zumba, biking, whatever – as long as it’s 45 – 60 minutes a day. Yea, on top of the crossfit, but no worries, I promise you I am not overdoing it. A little light jogging, or slow walking or slow…slow biking on the treadmill. As a result, I can feel myself getting stronger. I see my waist getting a little smaller. But the scale…she moves ever so slow, or…not at all. Even when I look at the numbers for weigh-ins past. The scale would have you believe I’m not doing much of anything. But the mirror, ah she tells a different tale indeed. My friends, me thinks I’m building some muscle! WOOOOO!!!! As you strength train and begin lifting, your body changes in a different way than it would if you were to be strictly cardio. The scale may slow down..but clothes might fit differently and you even LOOK better.

Why is that? Well, as you build lean muscle and transform some of that fat to muscle, you slim down. Muscle takes up less room than fat does (muscle isn’t as dense).


Which, is an awesome thing! Lean muscle also helps to speed up that metabolism, which will help you to burn more calories. Thing is, depending on what you want your end game to be, or more importantly your approach to health and wellness, you might be a little put off or discouraged if you use the scale as your sole indicator of progress. While I am doing weekly weigh-ins, as the weeks have gone by I am giving them less credence than I had in the past. Because while the scale may say my progress is going slow…I can say that on a daily basis I am seeing and feeling my body’s transformation. I feel the muscles in my legs, and even in my arms. My waist is slowly becoming more defined. And every day I go in to my box to do a wod (workout of the day) I am progressing a little better than the day before. It’s amazing how the body responds and changes if we only give it a chance and challenge it to do things we hadn’t thought possible. Small changes make big results. Never forget that my friends!

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