CrossFit Newbie Chronicles: 1 Month Update

And I’m not dead!!! Haha, seriously though, it’s been a month since I’ve taken up CrossFit, and so far so good. Each day I’ve been going, I have my ass handed to me, but I leave feeling stronger and more confident…and I leave with a list of little skills I need to work on to make me a more efficient athlete. Ya, I’m an athlete.

lmao, deal with it

lmao, deal with it

It’s been a good time though, the coaches at my box are great – each has their own style and personality, and while I can say I have my favorites, I like them all. In retrospect, I really made a good choice in joining this box. I get just about everything I need here – from the facility, to the coaches, and even my fellow crossfitters…it just fits and is beginning to feel like home. No injuries to date *knocks on wood* and I’m grateful for that. I know that the sport gets a lot of flack for pushing participants too far and emphasizing speed/reps over proper form, which can lead to injuries of overuse. BUT, as someone who’s been at it for a little bit (I do about 3-4 classes a week), I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my coaches say FORM over SPEED. The expectation is to get your form right every time and NOT let your body break out of proper form for the sake of more reps. Duh, you’ll hurt yourself if you go that route. So, don’t do it. Makes sense, right? Exactly. Besides, I’m all about the slow and steady, and running has taught me to run my race at my own pace. CrossFit is no different. Yea, we’re all there together, and yes I do sometimes take a look at what the other girls are lifting or how fast everyone else is going, and I know I’m going slower…but as I said to myself today “You aren’t here for them. You’re here for you. So get down there and pick up that f*ckin weight!” Nothing like some good old fashioned tough love.

I’ve noticed some progress over the past month. Some lifts are still awkward to me – like the snatch and the clean, but I’ll get there in time. Certain basics have kinda come to me naturally, but those two lifts…smh, I dunno. Mental block I guess. I WILL say that I’ve been able to conquer the double under (jumping up once, but the rope goes under your feet twice). Seems like all those years of double-dutch growing up have paid off. Woot! I’ve also been keeping a journal of past wod’s (workout of the day) and lifts so that I at least have a reference point for my numbers.

This week was testing week, which for a newbie like myself means PR’s EVERY DAY!!!

set all the pr's

yea, that was me.

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was kinda cool. Turns out I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was 😀 Only thing though…I’ve not really been running lately. I figured I’d give it a break to see if my body can handle crossfit AND running, and as it turns out…yea, it totally can. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I’ve hurt all over, but those days aren’t every day. I need to get back to running, for a couple of reasons – namely because I miss it and need it to help keep me sane. And also, because the cardio helps to blast these pounds I’m trying to lose. The way I figure it, I can make the time to do both. I know there are folks who run and crossfit, and since I’m not trying to run much longer than 3-5 miles per run…I can manage it. Guess that means it’s time to re-do my workout schedule. 🙂

Oh, and hey if you want to keep up with my crossfit progress, make sure to check me out on instagram and twitter! I post pics and updates about my journey over there as well. Not to mention…randomly funny thoughts and images (not unlike the one above). Check me out!

Till next time! 🙂


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