Giving It 100

I’m not sure if any of you out there are familiar with the Give It 100 movement that’s going on, but it’s pretty sweet. Basically, the idea is that you choose a skill/talent/task that you want to accomplish or improve upon and for 100 days you work towards that goal, while creating a daily video of yourself working on the goal. There are folks who want to juggle, clean their room, touch their toes, run, lose weight, dance…you name it and there’s probably someone who is trying to do it. It’s a pretty cool idea, and is really inspiring to see the changes that folks are making. Often when we set our sites on a goal, we feel like the progress isn’t coming quickly enough and get discouraged. The Give it 100 challenge is super inspiring as you can see the progress that people are making, just by taking a little bit of time out of their day to work on a skill or towards a goal.

Of course, you know I couldn’t be left out, so I’ve joined in on the fun. I’ve chosen two goals actually. The first, to do real, chest-to-floor push ups. I’ve always been terrible at them, as most women tend to be, but I want to do something about that. With my sights set on competitive lifting, I need to increase my upper body strength, which will only assist me in the long run with accomplishing some of the heavier lifts and my (other) goal to do strict pull ups.

Goal number two is something I came up with last night as I ate the 3rd4th…5th…sliver of a chocolate mint brownie that I’m sure was created by satan himself. I’m breaking up with sugar. Sugar, especially in the form of sweets, cakes, and goodies, serve no purpose aside form tasting good. Plus, for whatever reason, you always want more of it…or at least I do. My sweet tooth is terrible, TERRIBLE I tell you. Soooooo, sugar and I are taking a break. For the next 100 days, I’m going to say bye bye to sweets and extra sugar. Granted, sugar is in EVERYTHING we eat, whether we know about it or not, so it will be interesting to see how I navigate through and beyond all of the sneaky sugar and into a sugar-free safe zone.

Click here to follow me on the Give it 100 site and see my day to day progress of mastering the push up and going sugar free. If you join in on the challenge, let me know and I’ll certainly follow you and cheer you on! 🙂


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