Don’t Supersize Me, Bro

Alright you guys…truth time. I know we all have hit up the local McDonalds/Checkers/BurgerKing/Sonic/etc at some point within the past year or two. And, I am sure you’ve noticed that their portions have gotten RIDICULOUSLY out of control. Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not necessarily surprised. After all, when you take a look at something like this…


You see that the fast food industry is supersizing us – whether we like it or not. In truth, portions have been going way out of whack for quite some time now, but if the general public isn’t paying attention to what’s on our plates and going into our bodies, then our waistlines will just continue to expand to epic proportions. Check THIS out (click image to enlarge):


With the increased portion sizes here in the US…I mean you can do all the running/swimming/crossfitting in the world, but until you control what is on that plate, all of your physical efforts are pretty much a wash. I say all of this to say…if you’re going to eat out, please be aware of what is on your plate. The body is a machine, and just like any machine, its performance is related to the kind of fuel you give it. Make sure you’re feeding yourself the right stuff, in the right portions. And if that means eating half of a meal, or saying no to an extra serving, or asking for the dressing on the side…hey it’s YOUR body. Do what you have to do to keep it operating in the best way possible. Check out this helpful graphic that basically outlines how to determine the proper portion sizes of some common foods.


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