Do You Know What Today IS?!?!?


The turtle has always had a special place in this runner’s heart, lol. Tortoise is the new hare…just sayin!

It’s my anniversary…anniversarrrrrryyyy. lol

Today marks the 3rd year of The Curvy Road Runner, and my what an interesting and fun 3 years it’s been. I started this blog as a way to share my weight loss story with others, and as a way to show folks that big people run. Yea, and they can run FAR. Maybe not as fast…but still…we run.

As the years have gone by, I’ve experienced a lot of growth as a person and a runner. I’ve found my calling in life, to be a continued source of encouragement and knowledge for those who are trying to lose weight and change their lives for the better. So? Come this spring I will be a certified personal trainer. It’s a big, BIG leap for me, but it’s a leap that I am SO happy to be taking. From there, the learning will just continue as I take on clients and continue to further immerse myself in the world of fitness and physical health.

Over the years I’ve found that my attitudes and outlook towards exercise have evolved and expanded beyond the realm of running. I’ll always love running…it’s kinda my first love and I attribute a lot of the positive changes that have come about in my life to the sport. These days I find that I am opening up my sights to other various forms of exercise, and have fallen in love with lifting weights. Anything that challenges me or intimidates me is something that is guaranteed to interest me. The more days go by, the more I’ve come to see myself as an athlete. Can you be overweight and still be an athlete?

Yes virginia low res

Apparently, you can, and that has been mindblowing to me. I may not be at my final destination, but I’m on my way there and am having a blast along the way. There are so many things that I want to accomplish for both the blog and my personal health in this year alone…2014 is going to rock out loud! So, get ready! And dance! It’s my anniversary!!!


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