The Power of the “Go Bag”

These days I’m on the move…a LOT. Which means that when it comes to working out I have to be relatively prepared to go in a very short amount of time. I’ve started a “go bag” for the gym to help me with this. What’s a “go bag?”

Well basically it’s a bag that stays packed or close to packed at all times so that if you are ever in the need to just get up and go, you can. Most of the time you hear it being used as a precautionary measure for folks who might have to unexpectedly leave their home at a moment’s notice. It’s a good idea, actually. Like if you ever need to evacuate your home immediately, a go bag will at least mean you have some clothes and toiletries handy to hold you over for a day or so.

But I digress.

My gym go bag looks something like this:

20131219-080118.jpg And as you can see it contains the following items (from top left to right):

At the bottom is my actual bag itself. It’s a fashion duffle/luggage bag by Big Buddah that I found at Marshall’s one day. It’s large enough to hold all of those items mentioned above, PLUS a full outfit (including shoes/knee boots…yes knee boots). Basically, I pack up my bag the night before to include all of the essentials plus whatever outfit I’m wearing to work that day and I’m out the door. The style of the bag is totally up to you, but I like a little dazzle and flair in my life so I opted for a bag that didn’t LOOK like a duffle/sports bag. She’s just fancy that way I guess. *shrug* lol

Most of these items remain in the bag at all times since I’ve basically bought duplicates of things I use on a regular basis and have put them into the bag. It’s kinda awesome, because when I know I’ll be getting up stupid early in the morning for crossfit I don’t need to do a whole lot of prep work to get out the door. All the showering, changing, and even my make up stuff is in the bag. Or if I know I’ll be working out right after work, then all I need is to throw my workout gear in the bag and I’m good!

Anyone else out there plan this way? I find having the bag ready always keeps my mind on working out during the week. I can’t say I don’t have the time to plan it out or pack up the necessary items, because frankly that’s no longer true!


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