Cleaning Up My Act

I woke up this morning got on the scale and no surprise at all it seems as though I’ve gained about 12 pounds between all of my holiday eating and just not paying attention or really caring about what I’ve been eating for the past month or so

I got up at about 530 address and felt a little hungry and drink some water and discovered it wasn’t hungry I was just thirsty so breakfast I made a scramble day and three slices or have slices of bacon which I’ll eat when I get into the office this morning I’ve also brought along an apple some sharp Cracker Barrel cheese 60 cal per bar to little bars is what I bought him about a cup of strawberry with a half a cup of blueberries some chill Bonnie raspberry yogurt for lunch it’ll be a salmon salad that I made which is basically big salmon salt-and-pepper him with some sweet lettuce no dressing then I like trusting him all I’m just on my salad and that’s it


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