In Search of REAL Food

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kinds of food that I’ve been eating lately. A lot of it is overly processed, super rich, too fattening, too sweet and just too much! It feels as though the food I am eating isn’t even REAL. I’ve gotten tired of it and lately I’ve had a desire for eating just simple, real food…fresh food without a lot of unnatural ingredients or additives in it.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been birthday celebrating and holiday eating to my heart’s content, but that time has come to an end. I’m just tired of eating the fast/quick/convenient food that we see everyday. Fast food is more like fat food and eating out is costly on the wallet and on the body. So, over the next 30 days I’m just going to take a break and explore a cleaner, simpler way of eating.

I’m going to try and focus on eating whole fresh foods and keep things simple. I am looking at a couple of clean eating and Paleo sites right now for ideas on recipes. Ideally I need quick and simple recipes since I’m always on the go, with very little time to cook. I know there’s got to be a better way to eat…I would much rather know that the food that I’m eating came from preparation of my own hands in my own kitchen or at least doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra “stuff” in it.

I will chronicle my daily findings of what I do eat and how I feel eating it, just to keep myself honest and to keep you all aware of the goings on. Wish me luck you guys! Oh, and if any of you out there are currently clean eaters or are doing the Paleo thing, let me know of any websites or recipes that might be helpful. I’m currently searching the web looking for simple recipes that I can just whip up at home without too much thought. Many thanks! Till next time 🙂

lol, I have to chuckle at this...

lol, I have to chuckle at this…


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