The Struggle of the 9-5

I’ve been at the new job for almost a month now, and have yet to settle into a satisfactory exercise groove. There is certainly something to be said about working a regular 9-5…on the one hand you have weekends and holidays to yourself, which is a very welcome break from the world of retail. However, as I reacclimate myself to this new work environment, I am having a hard time working out as frequently and for as long as I would like to. At one point I was managing to get in my two a day workouts – treadmill run in the am and weights in the pm. However, that soon came to a halt as I was not getting enough sleep. Working out/getting fit is just as much of a job as your 9-5.

It take planning, foresight, planning dedication, planning and did I mention planning? Just as with anything else in your life that you want, you plot out a plan of action and then go to it. I’m still working on my course of action, but right now that consists of a hodgepodge of short 30 minute workouts and small every day changes to keep myself active. A little of something is always better than nothing when it comes to remaining active. I’ve taken to getting off a at a metro station that is a solid mile away from work and just walking that mile in the morning. Then I found some friends who work in the area and I will walk with them for about an hour on our lunch break. Sometimes, when I have time, I’ll take that mile walk back to the further metro station when I get off work. If I do it right, I could walk about 5 miles every day. Which would be great! Some days are always better than others, but who said progress was quick? Or easy?

To get my weight lifting going, I’ve begun to work out with some of the guys at my gym, and they’ve been great. One of them is a competitive powerlifter, which is awesome since that’s what I want to take on next. I’ll be starting CrossFit within the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be able to get my lifting and cardio all in one place. It was kinda nice that I was able to find a box (CF slang for ‘studio’) after visiting only two boxes. I still may check out the other ones, or at least do a drop in at some of the local boxes to give you guys in the DC area a feel for how different boxes can differ.

So, I’ve been trying to stay active, planning ways to stay active, and that’s been working. But the eating thing, man…I forget how much folks in an office environment like to eat and snack, lol. I’m positive I’ve gained some weight within the past couple of weeks, but I’m trying not to be hard on myself about it. Again, adapting and adjusting to get myself to a point of optimal health. That is the lifelong mission, the lifelong foal.

For those of you out there who are in the 9-5 world, tell me how you like to stay active? Gym at your job? Running after work? Before work? How do you like to make sure you break a sweat daily? Let’s talk about it!


7 thoughts on “The Struggle of the 9-5

  1. Just like anything else, build it into your schedule, and make it non-negotiable. I work 8-4:30, and you bet I’m in the gym by 5:15 every night. If you’re in the DC area, come take a class with me XSport in Alexandria)!

  2. I am SO right there with you. I started my new 9-5 in August, and staying active has been a struggle. I still manage to do it, but sometimes it involves waking up at an ungodly hour, squeezing it in before I teach at the gym, or hopping on the treadmill after I teach a class to get the blood pumping. I am desperate to get into a good, consistent thing though, so my workouts aren’t at 7am, then at 8pm the next day.

      • I’m really trying, but when I think back to when I couldn’t find a job, and how much working out I did then? I’m almost envious of all the time I had on my hands then – the grass is always greener, huh?

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