Competitive Lifting…Yea, Call Me Crazy

I find myself at a point where I want more from my workouts. Sometimes I will spend hours looking up information online about different kinds of workouts that I’d like to try, only to get to the gym and completely space out about what I had planned. Running….that’s the easy part. I can get up and go for a run without much of an issue. But when I’m in the gym…well I want to do more than just run. I’ve been giving it some thought for awhile now because it has really been a mild point of frustration when I go into the gym. Maybe I need a workout buddy? Maybe I need someone to give me a little more direction. I don’t know. 

What I do know is that I just need more than what I’m getting and giving myself right now. I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will not slack off during runs. My pace is a comfortable one, but I know I can be faster. This was proved to be true when I hit a PR in a 5k over the weekend. Likewise, I am demanding that same increase in effort when it comes to my gym time. Don’t get me wrong, group classes are fun…weight machines are ok…but I’m ready for the barbells and the free weights. I already have a love affair with kettlebells, so I mean why not add the others in too? I want to push myself further and harder. I want to be stronger. Not necessarily thin, well I do not want to be thin nor skinny actually. But I want to be strong. I want to be a veritable powerhouse of strength, agility, and balance.

I want to lift…possibly competitively. This would be a new world for me and I’m daily re-evaluating and analyzing my options. I’ve talked to a few trainers at my gym, done some reading online, watched a couple of videos, and have been basically mulling over my approach. When I think about what I want of my body in terms of fitness…I want to be strong, like VISIBLY strong. I want to lift heavier weights than the boys. Then I want to out run them. Yes, my inner tomboy is coming out and no, I don’t think I’m going to make her go away for now.


simply amazing

I’ve considered… Power Lifting vs Olympic Lifting vs Strongman Lifting vs CrossFit. Right now I’m still in the figuring it out stages of everything out. I’m leaning towards CrossFit as a way to get started with some of the basics since it seems like the good classes touch out power and olympic lifting. *shrug* But I gotta do something more. I hate being bored and I think it’s time for the next big adventure. Now that doesn’t mean I will stop running…so I guess a caveat of whatever it is I choose to do is that it cannot interfere with my running, lol. But I will keep you guys posted about what I wind up doing.

Anyone out there lift heavy? Any crossfitters out there? Talk to me!

PowerLifters (they’re kinda badass)

Olympic Lifters

Strongman Lifters (oh, me? just lifint a car…no big deal…)

CrossFIt – this girl makes me exhausted just from WATCHING what she’s doing. But she is amazing!


2 thoughts on “Competitive Lifting…Yea, Call Me Crazy

  1. Join the competition world! I have my first Oly Lifting Comp in 2 weeks and I am so excited! I started off lifting on my own, signed up for the comp, then recently joined cross fit 3 weeks ago and I love it so far! It definitely gives you more of a drive and a purpose to have that goal!

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