Making Adjustments to Make it Work

We all know that life has a tendency to knock us off of our workout routine. Sometimes we are able to get back on the right track immediately, but sometimes…just sometimes we stay off track for a little longer than we would have hoped. So how do we succeed? How can we reach our fitness goals when this pesky thing called living keeps getting in our way?

We for starters, might I suggest a little something called forgiveness. More times than not we are our own worst enemies when it comes to forgiving ourselves. I understand that you have those last 5 lbs to lose. Or that next race is only a few weeks away and every training run is critical. But guess what? You’re human. You may stumble towards your goal. Hell, you might fall.

But you get up.

And you MOVE.

Don’t stand still grumbling about whatever may have thrown you off. Acknowledge it, readjust your plans, and keep going. That’s the only way you will ever reach your destination…by a supremely if not almost ridiculously steadfast dedication towards picking yourself up and moving forward again. How’s that saying go? Knocked down seven times, get up eight? Something like that…you get my point. 🙂

Of course the hope/expectation is that you are more consistent in your workouts and eating habits than you are not consistent. Afterall, you can’t expect to make healthy living a way of life if every 3 days you’re pigging out like there is no tomorrow. I know that for myself, I will have my ‘moments’ when I may indulge a little more than I should. The old me would eat that way and think nothing of it…because the old me didn’t know better. The new me? Well, I might indulge, but it is a choice and one that is made knowing that there are better options for me out there. I know better, so I try to DO better. I don’t have a 100% track record, but I strive to be somewhere in the 70%-80% range. Just the other day I was lamenting to my sister about how much I pigged out over the weekend, and she turns to me and says…”Yea, but you eat healthy..”

Oh. Well I guess she’s right.

I was on my way to being my own worst enemy, when in just a few words my sister gave me a reality check. While we don’t always have someone there to give us those much needed checks when we are spazzing out, we’ve got two handy tools to help us get it back together.

Forgiveness and Flexibility.

I’ve already talked about the forgiveness part, but what flexibility can do is allow you to still have a success even if it is not the 100% kick-ass kind of success you might have been striving for at that moment. Didn’t get a chance to work out this morning? Take a walk at lunch time or after dinner. Have a dance party in your room when you get home. Take the stairs at work that day versus the elevator. You get my point, there are ways to stay active. A little bit of something is better than a whole lotta bit of nothin. Let me repeat that.

A little bit of SOMETHIN’ is better than a lotta bit of NOTHIN’.

Got it? You sure? Wait, I don’t think you hear me.

Little bit of something > Lotta bit of nothing.

Small choices that are better for you, even in the midst of not so great choices will help as long as you are regularly making those better choices. Make living healthy a habit, not a hobby. One day, one choice at a time. And don’t forget to bring a little bit of forgiveness and flexibility along for the ride. Health is not the destination. It is the journey itself.


3 thoughts on “Making Adjustments to Make it Work

  1. Reblogged this on The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus and commented:
    This post is definitely on point. Those tumblr memes that say you’re lapping everybody on the couch, or little progress is still progress are so true.
    “Little bit of something > Lotta bit of nothing.

    Small choices that are better for you, even in the midst of not so great choices will help as long as you are regularly making those better choices. “

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