Audaciously Awesome…Bright Tights for the Curvy Athlete

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know I have a SERIOUS love for colored tights and all things bright when it comes to workout gear. I wasn’t always this way, though. When I first started working out, I was more interested in just finding something to wear that wasn’t huge on me and was multi-functional so that I could wear it to run, or to do yoga, or lift weights. Many races (and free tech tees later), I’ve been able to expand my workout wardrobe and have incorporated more color into it.

As a larger person, there is this idea that if I just wear dark colors, no one will notice me…or that I’m trying to workout. But I will tell you, whether someone notices you or not, the important thing is that you are working out! Who cares if they look! You’re on an amazing journey towards health, so why not have a little fun along the way? Some of my favorite workout outfits are loud and flashy in terms of color. The brighter it is, the happier I am. It’s an instant pick me up to look in the mirror after a long workout and see the sweat rolling off of me in all of my neon colored glory.

Today I present to you some options for larger athletes, gym bums, and runners like myself who would like to add a little more pizzazz to their workout attire.

First on the list…


Yep, that's me in my bright Nike tights!

Yep, that’s me in my bright Nike tights!

Oh how I love Nike’s workout clothing! Usually brightly colored with some kind of catchy phrasing or something on it to add a little bit of sass to your workout gear. Only thing about Nike though is that their sizes only go up to an XL, but if you can snag some of their gear, it’s definitely worth they buy.

Next up…


Super cute outfit. All by Underarmour.

Super cute outfit. All by Underarmour.

I’ve grown to like some of the UA apparel, and I simply LOVE their thermal running mock turtlenecks for the colder months. Every so often I can catch a cool t-shirt or something from them that I end up loving. Again though…sizes max out at XL.

Old Navy

I would rock these over a pair of running tights.

I would rock these over a pair of running tights.

Now, I know what you might be thinking BUT Old Navy has some GREAT workout gear for a reasonable price, and of reasonable cuteness. They’re almost always having a sale of some sort, so finding a good deal is never so hard. And I simply LIVE for their yoga pants! Seriously…I think ON has the BEST yoga pants out there. Not a lot in terms of colored tights, BUT every so often they will throw a cute colorful top or something in there. Sizes go up to 4X.


Must have this jacket.

Must have this jacket.

A distant cousin to ON, Athleta is geared towards women who love to workout. Whether it is yoga, running, golf, cycling, etc…Athleta seeks to have your back. Lots of super cute stuff, and their sizes go up to 2X. Haven’t tried their stuff yet, BUT I have my eye on a certain pair of yoga pants. I mean, if they’re a distant cousin to ON, then their yoga pants have GOT to be amazing…right?!?! Stay tuned. 🙂

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Will be getting these soon…

It took them long enough, but Lane Bryant has stepped into the arena of workout hear for plus sized women. They have some pretty comfortable and fun looking workout tights and tops. Of course they offer the standard black and grey options, BUT they also have some bright colored/leopard print/colorful striped tights and capris.




Now, in all honesty…Adidas does not do much for the plus size gals when it comes to workout gear. Most of their sizes go up to a Large from what I’ve seen, but every so often you can find something in XL. Nonetheless, if you’re able to snag something in your size, their stuff is really cute. They have a line by Stella McCartney that I am really digging.

Bottom line…you should feel good in the clothes you work out in. It can be a little difficult to find the cute stuff in larger sizes, but believe me when I tell you – it’s out there and available! I hope this was a help to you guys!

Till next time 🙂


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