Progress is My Friend

That was more a reminder to myself than to anyone else, because hey…progress isn’t easy. It’s slow…unsexy…and really tests your determination. But, it’s so very necessary if you’re going to meet your goals, so everyday…progress.

These past couple of weeks have been some of that very same slow and unsexy progress. I’ve been running more consistently and thinking about what I eat (good and bad), as well as tracking my food (sporadically, but tracking nonetheless). My marathon training has been plodding along, though I gotta tell ya – something about running 3-5 miles really kinda irks me sometimes. Like…I want to run longer. I can’t remember the last time I ran 10+ miles…oh wait, that was in May at my last half marathon.


But progress…slow, steady, unsexy, and at times exhaustive. I’ve been trying to stick to my training, down to the running pace, as faithfully as I can and let me tell you it is not always easy. I missed a few days of running this week, but today took on 5 miles worth of hills and heinous inclines…I kinda loved it, I won’t lie. For my marathon training this time around I’ve chosen to try the Hanson training method (click here for free basic version) of basically learning to run on tired legs by running 6 days a week. I’ve modified it a lil bit by planning 5 runs a week, but I’ve left the 6th day open for a fun run or something of that nature. I’ve also tried to pay attention to my paces by taking a hint from the McMillan Training Pace Calculator, and apparently my easy run pace needed to slow down a LOT. That’s been a big adjustment for me, but again…that slow and steady, unsexy kinda progress. You wouldn’t think running slower than you know you can run, slower than you’re used to running, would be harder…but oh boy it has most certainly been more difficult.

Progress, though…right? Right.

Till next time! 🙂


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