Oh Look…She’s Back (Juneathon & Update)

I’ve been terribly negligent these past couple of weeks. I was sick for a little bit, and though I’m still recovering, I’m pretty much back to normal. Been a couple of weeks since my last run, and though I could use the cold as an excuse, I think my lack of running had more to do with other less than positive things going on in my life right now that have been draining my energy. Though running always gives me life…

I just didn’t have the energy or desire to get out of bed and run. I thought about it…but just didn’t. Meanwhile I’ve gained a few pounds back, mostly because my eating went down the drain as the stress kinda piled on. BUT, I’m thankful that I’ve been getting back to the good stuff and my eating is slowly improving as well as my activity level.

Yesterday was a 5 mile run over some very hilly terrain…not the smartest thing in the world, but it had been so long since I’d run that particular route that I’d forgotten that very critical part. I trudged on and made it work anyway. Then today was a 4 mile run on flat terrain (YES!) and I made sure to take it nice and easy. Actually, I’m low-key starting marathon training this week. Yea…I’m going for it again.

For those that remember what my 1st marathon experience was like, I’m sure it might seem strange that I would put myself through that again. However, not to be deterred from reaching a goal, and now that I have a better idea as to what to expect of the race and of myself, I think I’m better prepared to mentally and physically tackle the 26.2. I’ve placed my summer races on hiatus, and have decided to just get back into the groove of running to prepare for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I’m giving the Hanson training plan a shot and using the training paces as suggested by the McMillan Running Calculator. The Hanson plan looks kinda knarly…running 6 days a week BUT there’s no 20 miler planned in their training plan at all. The plan itself is meant to teach you how to run on tired legs; to prepare you for those last grueling miles of the marathon. Being that I’m only on day 2 really, I can’t say much about the plan, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

In the meantime, run strong folks! 🙂


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