Over the River…Through the Woods

A hiking a will go…or rather…went. 🙂 Being that I’m still on the mend a lil bit from a nasty little run in with an escalator about a week or two ago, today I was still able to get in a workout in the wilderness.There’s this local trail that I’ve been meaning to explore for some time now and on a whim of sorts I got a friend to come along with me for the adventure. Being that I wasn’t sure what to expect, I left the camera home, so I wan unable to take my own pictures, but thanks to the world wide web I was able to find a few photos of the trail here:

nowhere to go but up!


As you can see, some of  the views were AMAZING. I’d never gone hiking before, but it turns out that’s exactly what I wound up doing today. Climbing up and over rocks, boulders, tree trunks…splashing through water, scurrying up steed inclines. Yea, yours truly got rough and rugged today and love all 7 miles of it. If you’ve never been hiking before, I do suggest that you give it a go – really good work out and you feel super bad ass scaling up those rocks and things. With the summer time coming and with it a probable running hiatus, hiking seems like a suitable outdoorsy activity that will still keep me moving and challenge me as well. And who knows…perhaps a trail run or two in the future? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Over the River…Through the Woods

  1. The pictures look awesome. I just got into hiking and I love it so far. The best part about it is you forget you are hiking and just get lost in all the scenery. Best of luck with everything and keep up the awesome work 🙂

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