Race Report: Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

To start…this past weekend was probably the most fulfilling experience I’ve had in a while. Runners in the DC area have been anticipating this race ever since Nike announced it would be launching a race in DC. Naturally, there were women from all over the country that planned to flock to DC to participate. Lots of runners means…lots of volunteers. I took a few days off work so that I could volunteer in the days leading up to the race – yea, seems kinda strange to have done that, but I figured the help would be needed and turns out I was right. I worked packet pick up Thursday – Saturday and it was kinda awesome to see so many female runners from all across the country gather in DC for the love of the run….and the Tiffany’s necklace. 😉
This race was on my original schedule of Half Marathons for the year, but due to a goof, I completely forgot to register for the lottery…so I knew I’d be sitting this one out – no problem, I just wanted to be able to support all those who were able to make it in.
Then something great happened…and this is why I say that it really pays to give back. I had some guardian angels that were able to help me get a race bib!! So, it turned out I too would be hitting the road in the Inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC. SWEEEEET!!!!
The course was lovely and relatively flat, taking runners through various monuments and points of interest in DC. We ran by the Tidal Basin, passed by all the memorials on the National Mall, crossed the Arlington Memorial Bridge, and did a loop by the US Capitol. For those that were from out of town, it was the perfect course in which to get some sight seeing done. You literally ran DC! For those of us who have lived here for quite some time (like myself), it was a chance to run through the streets of DC uninterrupted. It was a great, great race! I’m looking forward to them returning next year, and maybe one day I’ll make the trek to San Fransisco to run the original race. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the east coast version 🙂
As for my performance in the Half? Well, I hadn’t planned on running at all this weekend, let a lone running a half marathon. But? C’est la vie! I chose a corral that I knew was faster than what I normally run so that I could kinda get out there a lil ahead. I figured I’d try to keep up with the pace leader for the 2 hr 50 min finisher group, but right around mile 2 or 3 I   realized that wasn’t going to happen. I switched from my normal mode of running (run till you can’t…walk..then run more) to running intervals. I did 3 min of running and 1 min of walking. Towards the end of the race I began to slow down and somewhere around mile 11-12 I had to extend the walking breaks. I often say that in a half marathon the last 3.1 miles are fueled by anger and spite…well this time around I was fueled by neither. I can’t explain to you how awesome it was to be running with my fellow female runners. All shapes, sizes, ages, and colors came to the Nation’s Capital to run that day. Though I was tired and slightly achy, in that last mile I was able to find some energy in the reserves and powered to the finish. Yes, ladies and gents, I got my Tiffany’s necklace and it is so very precious!
Next up? Another half marathon this weekend! I’d already planned to run this one, so it seems as though next Sunday I will be running 13.1 yet again! This time though I might either walk more of it or make some adjustments to the intervals and give that another shot. Sometimes I’ve got to shake my head at myself and wonder what the heck I was thinking with all these half marathons I’ve scheduled for myself. Ah well, on to the next one!

17 thoughts on “Race Report: Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

  1. So very cool! This race is on my bucket list (didn’t get into the lottery this year – boo). Enjoyed reading your recap – congrats!

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  3. Definitely no shame in walking! I completely missed applying for the lottery b/c I already committed to a half this weekend, but wish I had done it anyway. Bucket list for sure!

  4. This recap was great! And congratulations!!! I had almost completely sworn off races after my first 1/2 marathon experience (that anger and spite comment about the last 3.1 feels so TRUE!); however, reading your blog has inspired to go ahead and sign-up for more! I’ll be tackling the AC April Fools race you posted about a few 5 and 10ks before I try another half. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I’m so happy you were able to run the race. I was able to register as a college student, but dropped the ball and by the time I decided I could afford the plane ticket, I missed the chance. I hope to make it up there next year, in the mean time, I am entering the lottery for San Fran… Congratulations on finishing!!!

    • Thanks so much! I’m so sorry to hear that you were not able to make it, but I do hope you are able to make the next one in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to running it in San Francisco one day as well.

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