Race Recap: Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon

This past Sunday was half marathon #2 of 13 for 2013.

I was able to head home to Jersey and participate in the Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon. All in all I’ve gotta say I loved the experience. It wasn’t a huge race, like Competitor’s Rock n Roll Series, which meant no big runners/health expo or even big crowds of spectators. It was a relatively quiet little race that was held alongside Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk, which meant very…very flat course. OMG…I loved it, lol. Most of my training runs have varied inclines and hills along the way, and thus far most of the half marathon’s I’ve run have had their fair share of hills. But the AC April Fool’s Half had none…I mean…none. I was in pure heaven!

As I mentioned before, this wasn’t a big race, so I arrived at the packet pick up expecting to grab some random runner goodies at the expo, only to find there was none. It was literally a packet pick up, staffed by some really nice folks. Simple, easy, quiet. Not bad at all. Even the race t-shirt was super nice (sorry forgot to get a picture of it). The day of the race itself I made my way to the start line and noticed that it didn’t seem as though there were a ton of other runners running. Which was kinda nice because that meant that there wouldn’t be a huge surge of people running past me *smile* lol. But seriously, I liked the fact that the race was not a big one – yea, large races can be fun, but there is something about smaller races that are a lot more peaceful to me. The course was beautiful, you were literally running alongside the Atlantic shoreline with the ocean itself right there, and though there weren’t a great deal of folks to cheer you on, the staff and volunteers for the race were plenty cheerful and encouraging.

My favorite part of the race though…was the post run food for the runners. Now, most races will give you bagels or fruit after you finish. But what I love most about running in South Jersey and Philly…is the pretzels. If you have never had a soft pretzel from the Philadelphia metropolitan area, then you my dear friend are missing out on a vital piece of living. My goodness…the Jersey girl in my lives for those soft pretzels!!! And without missing a beat, the good folks at the AC April Fool’s Half knew to have the pretzels on standby for some post race refueling. Some run for beer, some for cupcakes, some for margaritas…this girl runs for the soft pretzels, lol. 

I would highly recommend that folks check this race out, I definitely intend to place this race on my repeat list for years to come. While I didn’t PR at this race, I did shave a good 8 minutes off of my previous half time.  Being that the course is so flat, you can really just let loose and go for it. Definitely a good race for setting a PR. The Atlantic City Marathon Race Series also has another half (and full) in October, which I plan on running. If you guys are looking for a nice low-key kinda racing experience…Atlantic City might be the place to look.

Till next time! 🙂

AC April Fools Half 13 Collage


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