Long Runs and Bruised Toes

Been having a little more fun with my running these days. Ever fall into a running rut? You know…you run the same kinds of routes, the same neighborhoods, the same distances…and after awhile things kinda get to be like…bleh. Lately I’ve been having a good time switching things up a little bit. Earlier this week I did a 6 mile run and then a 7 mile run today, both were along routes that I either hadn’t run in awhile, or routes that were familiar yet slightly modified. I had a great time running both!

Yet…I think I may have bruised my toes a bit. I know, sounds a lil weird, but I noticed the other day that my 3rd toe on my left foot felt a little numb. Of course I still ran today – you know by now that I am often too stubborn to not run. After I got home, checked on my toe, and wouldn’t you know it…bruised! No wonder why the lil guy still tingled today. Did a lil looking on the interwebs and seems like it’s a common thing among runners, especially if you’ve increased mileage recently. *guilty* Well I’m glad I know what it is, and doesn’t seem to be a big interference when I run, just some slight discomfort.

The Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon is coming up in a couple of weeks. I haven’t run that far in a good number of months, so these next couple of weeks will be a lil bit about exploration of new routes in my area and about upping my mileage. Currently my longest planned run is 8 miles, but I plan to run this one route that takes me along this technical trail into the wilderness (*swoon*), and I can already see myself getting carried away and tacking on an extra mile or two. Ideally, I’d like to hit a 10 miler before race day, but no biggie if I don’t. I’ve run a couple of half mary’s now, so I already know it’s gonna be a long and challenging experience. Just want my body to remember what it feels like to get into double digit running.

Oh, and as a PSA…It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season. Please be careful out there folks…I’ve already eaten one whole box of Tagalongs today…and half a box of Trefoils. These things are dangerous – and to make it worse, there are apps out there that will allow you to figure out where and when they will be selling the cookies. I found and somewhat stalked a site like a sad, sad fiend waiting for a hit of the good stuff. *sigh* I cannot be trusted around those things, and so to you I say…beware the cookies.

Till next time! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Long Runs and Bruised Toes

  1. Omg I love girl guide cookes. We don’t get them in the uk (my waist line is grateful) but when I lived in Canada I ate them – lots! My friend usually buys them for me if she is planning a trip this way but is been a while since that has happened. Enjoy my share!

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