A Slave to Technology

Yesterday, a terrible thing happened. I was on my way out the door for a run with the ladies of BGR! and as I reached for my iPod shuffle…it wasn’t there. Not under my bed, dresser, in the pocket of my running jacket. Nope. Not any of those places. Baffling wasn’t the word…it was more like frustration…then ultimate sadness as I realized I lost my iPod. I still haven’t found it…I’ve looked under sofas, in drawers, and all kinds of places where it would never be…and no luck. I’m truly at a loss on this one you guys…I ran yesterday sans iPod…but it wasn’t the same. Now, I can and have run without music before, but even then I’ve got my headphones in – just no music playing. *sigh*


Yea…that’s me alright.

Naturally…I went out and bought another iPod shuffle – thankfully those little guys are not expensive (about $45 in most places like Walmart, Best Buy, Target). But still…last night I had to redo my running playlist all over again – so very annoying…and discouraging…YES I am whining right now because I lost my iPod. It sucks…that lil guy and I had many good runs and races together. And now…he might be gone forever. *tear* I’m secretly hoping it will turn up in a random pile of clothes or somewhere that I just didn’t think to look. But…for now I at least have music again, which is fine.

But nothing ever replaces your first.

lol, ok now that was a bit dramatic – I admit that. 🙂

I know I’m not the only one out there who gets attached to their technology in such a way. For me, the iPod was of particular importance since I do listen to music when I run or workout. I’ve got playlists that I’d built specifically for race day running…tracks carefully selected and organized to correspond to various parts of the run – the warm up, the “zone”, the cool down. But, eh…I had to do it all over again, and I suppose the blessing in disguise with losing my iPod was a chance to revisit the songs that were and were not working for my playlist. I added some new things, omitted others, and came up with a play list just for the fun/easy run days.

But still…I want my old iPod to show up. 😦

In other news, now that I’m feeling back to normal and eating again…I think I’ve gained weight? I don’t know if it’s the change from having absolutely nothing in your stomach to now having food there…but that scale went up when I did a lil spot check the other day. This weekend I’ve gotta be on top of my eating – Monday is weigh-in for the challenge at y gym and I am really not trying to see high numbers. Wish me luck!

Till next time! 🙂


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