Tuesday Weigh In

…on Wednesday. Yea, I know, I’m late…but more importantly, I’m back and feeling MUCH better.

Seems like I caught a stomach virus or something over the weekend. Or a mild case of food poisoning. Either way, it had a FIELD day with my insides and I’m just now getting back to the point where I can look at food again and not cringe.

Yesterday was weigh in and, not to my surprise, I lost 4 lbs! Part hard work…part emptying out my system. Either way, its a loss which is a win! I’m noticing a change in the way my clothes look, which is great…and even my trainer said she’s noticing me coming down a bit. Score! Thus far since I sincerely began my weight loss efforts again, I’ve lost 15 lbs! I’ve got about 40 to go till I hit my goal, and that’s fine…the scales are tipping in my favor and me likey that!

I’ve been keeping the physical activity to a minimum this week, but now that I see I can handle solid foods again, I may try to do a little something tomorrow…

For now? Movie night with the sister! We just saw Warm Bodies (awesome, loved it, go see it) and now we are waiting for an early late night (what?) showing of Beautiful Creatures (excited!).

Till next time!


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