Vacation = Mandatory Staycation


I think my body is conspiring against my attempts to be my normal busy body self this year. Over the weekend I got super sick with what I believe to have been either mild food poisoning or a nasty stomach virus. Either way…it’s really thrown the beginning of my week long vacation for a loop since I’ve been pretty much bedridden for the  past 3 fays now. Thanks to my sister and one of my linesisters I’ve got enough gatorade, gingerale, crackers, and apple juice to beat the band, lol. I’ve been hydrating on a regular basis, but the eating part still comes a little hard for me. I just don’t want to even look at nor smell food right now…blech.

since I've got nothing but time this week...

since I’ve got nothing but time this week…

Being the stubborn person that I am though, I went in for a session with my trainer this morning instead of just cancelling. It was hard…like really hard…but I was literally running on zero food, and hadn’t been up and active since Friday. I made it through the session with no incidents – she went easy on me today, thank goodness, and immediately came home and crashed on my sofa.

Oh, and that race I was supposed to run this past weekend? Yea, that never happened – I was way to sick to run anything. Sucks too because that was supposed to be my first race of the year. *frown* This is the second consecutive race I’ve missed, and let me tell you…that really irks me. I’m hoping I’ll be back to normal soon, but I’m thankful I was already off work this week so there’s no fear of missing anything there. I really think my body plans these things out and just decides to crap out on me when I want to take some time away from the office to actually go and…you know…do stuff.

On the plus side…all this cleaning out my system from the past weekend had me drop a few extra pounds. Granted, not the way I would prefer to lose some additional pounds, but I’m trying to find a bright side here. *shrug* Sickness aside though, I can see the minor changes in the way some of my clothes are fitting and the way I look. I’m glad I’m getting back to the program and I know my eating habits have helped that tremendously. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, so I will let you all know how that goes.

In the meantime…hey, go run a mile or two for me will ya? Thanks! 🙂


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