Feeling Goooood

Working out has it’s benefits…on the inside and the outside. The easiest way to describe how I am feeling at this moment is…sublime.

I’ve been in the gym a lot lately – partially due to the trainer sessions, but also because the weather down here has been kinda unpredictable. The additional time in the gym has been doing me good though, as I’m beginning to venture onto new cardio equipment. The other day it was a stationary bike…today, we went back to the elliptical – an old friend of mine. It’s nice to be able to break things up a bit and explore the huge space that is my gym without feeling utterly lost.

Since I’ve been hitting the kettlebells, I haven’t had much use for the free weights or the weight machines – those bells are a serious workout. One 30 minute session with my trainer is enough to have me sweating bullets – I love it! My trainer is kinda awesome, and I’ve been enjoying my sessions. In my head I’ve always been a bit of a badass, so kettlebells seamed like the perfect thing to try. Lucky for me…apparently I’m a natural! *woot*

The thing I am still curious to see, however, is what all this activity will mean for my running. According to my trainer, the work we’re doing with the bells will strengthen my hips and legs (I definitely FEEL them working hard), which in turn will make me a stronger and faster runner. Love that! 🙂

Tomorrow is the weekly weigh in for my challenge, and I feel good about. I’ve been pretty decent about the eating and activity for the past week. We shall see what those numbers are looking like.

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Till next time! 🙂



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