if the Zombiepocalypse were to happen today..I would SO be safe.

Yea…this is how I’m feeling today. Totally and utterly mentally spent, and what a wonder that does on your desire to do much of anything else but just decompress. Scrapped my evening workout today since I got caught up at work and was just completely useless to the world afterwards. But, on the bright side I’ve been doing pretty well with my Gold’s Gym Challenge. I lost about 3 lbs since last week, and this week I’ve been doing worlds better in regards to the eating and getting a run in. *woot*

Yesterday I went for a 3 mile run and it was kinda…well my legs felt like lead, lol. I took my usual route along a local biking/running trail and went along the hillier portion of the trail. I’ve been out of practice with hitting hills and inclines, so before I go flat I’d rather keep running along rolling hills and inclines – gotta retrain the legs to get that strength and endurance back. In spite of the heavy legs it was a good run, and I think I hit a stride of sorts after the half way mark.

There are a few races I have coming up, the biggest of which is the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in DC…the anniversary of my very first half marathon. So of course you know I just have to go back and run it again. What makes it even more interesting is that they’ve changed the route up a bit, which I am hoping means that there will be less hills than the last time. It was a lovely course that took me through some of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, buuuuut…yea, DC has some very hilly areas or streets that have some serious inclines, and all of them were right around miles 6 and beyond of the race. May this time around me a little smoother…and flatter, lol.

Tomorrow is a session with my trainer…more kettlebells, woooo!!! 🙂 Then there’s supposed to me a 4 mile tempo run immediately after…might have to take it to the dreadmill. Have a great one!


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