Shopping Like an Adult

Went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things for the week and this is what I came up with:


Now…in one of my other posts I mentioned that I’m very much an eat on the go kinda gal. What that usually means for me is that I do a lot of microwaveable or pre-packaged meals; awesomely convenient – not so awesome for that sodium content though. Don’t get me wrong, some of the frozen meals aren’t so bad, but if you think about it…most of the meals I’ve been eating I haven’t been preparing. Ok, so that’s not a healthy way to live…right? I’ve been looking at different recipes and ideas – Pinterest is awesome for that (follow me on Pinterest too!), and what it seems to boil down to is this…stock your fridge with healthy foods and healthy meals and eating will follow. Today at the grocery store I went straight to the fresh produce versus the frozen food aisle. I got most of what I needed from the fresh produce section and the only item I picked up from the frozen food aisle were some frozen fruits and veggies. *win for me* 🙂

Since my microwave died on me, I guess there was no time like the present to rethink my eating/cooking strategy, right? Right. I broke out my crockpot and I’m currently trying out this slow cooker southwestern chicken recipe that I found over on The Gracious Pantry (they’ve got some cool stuff with a focus on clean eating…check it out!). I’ll have to let you know how the recipe turns out on my next post since it’s gonna be cooking until late into the evening.

Oh, and I ran today! Six miles out in the cold, nice and slow, and it felt good. Had to have a bit of internal dialogue with myself since I’ve been so hard on myself for running so slow, but whatever…in the end I was proud I finished. The trouble with my running…or lack thereof…has been that I keep comparing myself to how easily running came to me about a year ago…or how much faster my times were when I was running regularly. But…I’m trying to get back to running regularly now, and I just need to keep reminding myself about that very thing. At some point I will get back into my groove. It’s the bumpy road back to the norm that kinda sucks.

Tomorrow is the 1st session with my trainer. *WOOT!* Till next time! 🙂


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