Janathon: Snow Day

not my dog. but man is he a cutie!!

Yea…so I did nothing today. The plan was to get up and run 4 miles, but that was promptly cut short by the snow on the ground.

I will run in cold.

I will run in rain.

I will not run in the snow. I just don’t trust the potential ice that could be lurking below it.

I should have gone to the gym. Could have…but, no I stayed in my pj’s and watched movies while eating some homemade food my mom froze for me after my last trip home.

It was glorious. Glorious I tell you. Every so often…take a mental health day. It seems…I am taking them at least once a week or every other week, and I love them so very much. I felt bad for a little bit about missing out on the workouts I had planned for today…running, yoga, and weight lifting. Buuuuut, there’s always tomorrow. Plus tomorrow I bite the bullet and commit to a personal trainer, who I am sure is gonna try to kill me over the next month or so.

So yea…here’s to snow days!


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