Janathon: Being Xtreme

*chuckle* I had to laugh at that post title, lol.

Today I went back for more P90X..on the menu this time was their Plyometrics X. Now…if you’re like me…you had no idea as to exactly what that meant, but apparently it was a bunch of jumping, squatting, lunging, hopping. Fun things to do, but it was definitely tough to do even the modified versions. They call Plyo X the mother of all P90X workouts, and I can definitely see why. The warm up alone had me breaking into a little bit of a sweat, and about half way through I really wanted to call it quits, but dang it…who doesn’t like jumping and hopping?

Ok P90X…you have redeemed yourself. You’ve got me for yet another day.

So I’ve been tracking my food this week (friend me on Myfitnesspal!) on two different sites and I’ve noticed something really disturbing…my sodium intake is always higher than my recommended intake plus some of the snacks I have can be legitimate meal replacements. I’m a food on the go kinda girl, so microwaved or pre-made meals are my saving grace in keeping me fed and out of fast food joints (sometimes…damn you McDonald’s fries!). The problem with those pre-made/microwaveable meals is the sodium content is just way too high. Now I get it..salt is added for flavor or whatever, but salt isn’t the only spice in the world. And so…I shall have to make time to cook for myself. Sad that that’s a statement that I have to make – you’d think that one automatically has time to cook for themselves, but alas that hasn’t been the case in my world. 

What about you guys? Any of you eaters on the go? If so, how do you make sure the choices you make are the healthiest?

Till next time!

*snicker* it always leads back to bacon, lol.



2 thoughts on “Janathon: Being Xtreme

  1. I also hate to cook, and tend to rely on pre-packaged foods. I don’t track it, but I’ll bet my sodium count is too high as well. But my blood pressure is always really low — like 98/52.So until I can find time I’m not going to worry about it. I do what I can, and that’s all I can do.

    • Yea, my blood pressure is actually rather good as well. I think I just hate the idea that I am putting so much sodium into my system. We make the best of what we can until we can do better. I think I’m ready to do better.

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