Janathon: We’re Back


So I thought I would try something different for today’s fitness activity. So I break out this thing…

P90X…yea, that X is right.

My mom gave it to me since she didn’t want it and I’ve kinda let it sit around my house for months collecting dust. I’m looking for new ways to spice up my non-running day fitness routine, so I figured I’d give it a go. I tried the Yoga X DVD from the set a few weeks ago, and while it was tough, the yoga fanatic in me loved it – it’s going to go into my regular routine. Tonight, however, was Day 1 of their 90 day challenge, Chest and Arms…dude, can I just say I hate push ups? That’s most of  what the dvd was…push ups and pull ups. Ewwww… With about 10 minutes left on the dvd, I just stopped and kinda watched the instructor and other folks on the set do their thing, lol. I just wasn’t motivated to continue, and I was kinda bummed because though it was hard…I was not breaking nearly as much of a sweat as thought folks.

Still…not to quit the whole thing on the first try, I think I’m going to at least give the other dvd’s a shot…or at least I’m thinking about it. Because in my mind, I’m thinking…man I could really just be at my gym going in right now…but I’m following along to a dvd instead? I dunno…I’m still thinking about it. I may just pick out a few of the dvd’s that spark my interest (like the Kenpo X, Stretch X, and Yoga X) and just plug them into my workout routine. I’m still debating.

Tomorrow though, I get to go for a run and I’ve got an appointment with a trainer at my gym to talk about this gym challenge I’ve signed up for. Now, that is something that will get me hype!

Have any of you out there tried P90X or Insanity? How did you find it worked with/against your running?


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