Janathon: Day 9

lolz!!!! But seriously kids…cannibalism is WRONG. *snicker*

Let’s talk about food…

It’s a love/hate relationship…I love food…it hates my weight loss efforts. It’s not the best relationship, truly, and it’s one that I need to put a swift end to. I mean…not stop eating completely, lol, duh…but I need to re-evaluate that relationship.

So today, thus far, for Janathon…I did nothing but a lot of Couch-azzing. What, pray tell…is couch-azzing? It’s exactly what it sounds like…laying on the couch and chilling. I had the day off, and planned a lovely 5 mile run for myself followed by some great yoga. Instead I had a marvelous time lounging in my bed and then took the lounging up a notch to some couch-azzing. I did venture out at one point in time to get some yummy Chipotle…

Which brings me to my point about food. So, for those of you who remember my post a few weeks or so back, I’ve set a goal for myself to lose a certain amount of weight by August 1st. I’ve been loosing so far this year, which is great. But I see what the major obstacle has become…it’s food.

And this is not to say that I eat horribly, I must say that I eat well enough for someone who is looking to maintain their weight. However, to loose weight, to successfully see some significant weight loss, one really has to change the manner in which they eat and what they eat. That is where I am right now. I’ve been observing myself for the past week or so…what I eat and when…what drives me to eat certain things, and even how my body feels after I eat. So you wouldn’t believe it, but truly I can see a difference on the scale when I weigh myself daily. That change, that fluctuation, really has to do with what I’m eating. It’s crazy…but on days when I eat poorly, the scale goes up…when I eat well, down it it goes! If you think about it…if you’re eating to maintain your weight, then the fluctuation in eating and activity isn’t so bad.

Buuuuut, yea I’m trying to kick it up a notch this year and break out of the box with it. So…*sigh* it is with a heavy stomach (lol, sorry couldn’t resist) and a very clear intent, that I’ve decided to make a couple of changes to my diet (and by diet, I mean the things I eat – I don’t believe in diets in the traditional sense of the word). Some of those changes that need to happen include…

  1. Consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day
  2. No chocolate…ok, well not a complete ban on chocolate, but it’s going to be only for really special occasions. Bye bye reese’s peanut butter cups!
  3. Cutting back on the sodas and juices – this will be easy since I only have either once in a blue moon as is.
  4. Reducing the amounts of my favorite vices…cheese, bread (most carbs actually), and peanut butter (I have a serious addiction to PB – we go waaaaaay back).
  5. Increasing my fresh produce intake. Whether that’s fruits or veggies, I’m not eating enough of either, which does me no good.
  6. Remembering that food = fuel.

I’ve gotta plan ahead enough to make sure I’m eating the right things. That’s one of my biggest issues since I’m always on the go…I’m either a fast food or a microwave food kinda eater. I need to eat some real food to see some real changes. 🙂

To add a lil fuel to the fire, I’m gonna join the 12 Week Challenge with Gold’s Gym. Nothing like a competition to give a lil extra motivation. Wish me luck!


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4 thoughts on “Janathon: Day 9

  1. It’s funny — we all know WHAT to do, but DOING it is so hard! I have a serious chocolate addiction too, but I buy the small individually wrapped Giradhelli squares of dark chocolate. I can have one a day, so I really savor every bite, and I don’t need more. I haven’t had soda in about two years, and drink pretty much only water except for my morning latte. And I try and keep a bowl of fruit out so I’ll snack from that.

    You can do it! Knowning your weaknesses is the first step to conquering them.

  2. I’m with you on all that. By which I mean that my good self completely agrees, but my bad self is already plotting how to sabotage me. I’m starting on My Fitness Pal tomorrow after a bad couple of weeks of nibbling. Hopefully having to be honest about what I’m eating will at least stop the gain. Good luck! Oh, and remember that it’s a lot easier not to eat the calories than to try burning them off afterwards (even if you like running ;-)).

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