Janathon: Day 8

Yea…so much for that yoga this morning. Today wound up being a rest day for my Janathoning. I so desperately needed a break. Tomorrow, however, shall be a glorious run…possibly followed by some yoga. It’s funny, this Janathoning…I usually don’t think about a rest day as a part of fitness and wellness, but it very much is. As active as we runners tend to be, sometimes it’s super hard to think of yourself not running…like…intentionally…without injury. Sounds foreign, right? 

Well it shouldn’t be. 

You work…you rest….you work again…and rest some more. That’s the way it’s supposed to be anyway. I’ve found that after a day or two of consecutive resting, my return run feels awesome…I’m like super rested and my running feels so very good after giving myself a break. It’s necessary!

And so…today? We took a break. Have a good one! 🙂


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