Janathon: Day 7

Well it’s been a week of Janathoning and I think its been going ok. Another blogger wrote that Janathon will guilt you into doing things that you normally might not do, and I think that’s true. I have been fairly consistent in trying to incorporate some kind of physical activity into my day since I started the challenge and that’s helped with getting me back into the running groove.

Today I ran 3 miles and it felt decent enough. Mentally I don’t think I feel like running any longer than about an hour or so, so most of my rubs have hovered around 3-5 miles. I’m ok with that; I think keeping it around those distances will allow me to work on my speed a little more.

I’m such a conservative runner…more oft than not I will slow mylsef down because in my mind I know I have to conserve my energy for X number of miles. One of my goals this year though is to make it to a consistent 13 minute mile. The other day I ran a 4 miler that had me running all sub 13 min miles for each split, but I consider runs like that a one-off for me. Yea, I can crank it out on occassion, but I’m working towards making it more of the norm. I should probably dig through the archives of saved articles and things to find some of the speed drills I used to do. I’m hoping that by focusing on running shorter distances I can get accustomed to pushing harder for faster times…then gradually increasing my mileage as I get comfortable with my speed.

On the agenda for tomorrow…an early morning yoga class (pray that I can get out of bed!) and possibly some strength training.

Happy running!


One thought on “Janathon: Day 7

  1. I’m with you — I want to work on my speed this year as well. I run a 12 minute mile for a half marathon, but a 10 minute mile for a 5K. Obviously there’s an endurance issue here.

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