Janathon: Days 4 & 5

Ok, so my consistency with this Janathon thing leaves a little to be desired, but at least I’m sticking with it.

Yesterday I did nothing (as predicted in my last post), but today…I ran 4.2 miles outside. My throat didn’t burn like in the last couple of attempts to run, so I’m encouraged by the signs that are showing I’m continuing to get over that flu bug.

The run itself was pretty decent. I was with my running group and we took to one of our usual routes which was nice and flat. My legs had been feeling a lil sore, but I kinda ran according to how my body felt, making sure to sprinkle in some walk breaks when necessary. What was meant to be a 3 miler turned into 4 and surprise of surprises, I wound up running faster than planned. Which is probably why I felt like the run was difficult at points…apparently my body and I have forgotten what it feels like to put in some good effort during a run, lol.

The rest of my day will hopefully be a relatively relaxing one. Tomorrow, we hit the gym to lift some weights.

Here’s to a healthy and happy week!


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