Stress Eating is a B*TCH

Hello loves,

I know it’s been a LONG time since my last post, but a lot has been going on – not particularly good stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Work has been crazy, I’ve been super stressed, and life all around has been leaving these lovely large boot marks in my back. Yea…it’s been like that. Between not getting enough sleep, getting next to no exercise, and putting all the yummy but yucky foods in my mouth I’ve managed to pack on the pounds.

Right now I have gained about 15 lbs in the past 2 weeks alone and I have zero doubt as to how it got to be this bad…

So, let’s talk about stress/emotional eating…it is only too easy to go to that favorite treat or fast food joint when the day has been tough or something is bothering you. In our minds, those few seconds of pleasure we get from indulging will somehow make the misery go away. The escapism doesn’t help though…it really does more harm than anything else. Take myself for example…I’ve been so busy/stressed from work that I have no energy to do the things I love to do…the things that coincidentally are healthy for me. Soooooo I’ve been spending most of my time at McDonald’s and Auntie Annes…like, way too much time there, and it is most assuredly showing. I am getting so few (if any) of the nutrients that my body needs to function, that on top of the stress and exhaustion from work, I’m not getting any kind of energy boost from the foods I’m eating.

Silly girl that I am.

It’s funny when you know better, yet you still behave in the same non-productive pattern. I know what’s been going on with me…I know why it’s been happening.

And I know how to reverse it.

That’s the lovely thing about changing our habits – it can really happen whenever we decide to take that first step. My first step has been to start a cleanse. I went to GNC today and got some cleansing (read: laxative) tea to get some of this crap out of my system (literally, lol – sorry). Bit by bit I’m going to have to forge some time for my exercise routine. I know I’m not going to be able to get out there and run 10 miles right of the back, but I figure I’ll take an easy 3 miles a few times a week to get my cardio back up to snuff. Then I’m going to have to get this eating thing back on track. Realistically speaking, that might prove a bit of a challenge…and by challenge I mean it will take more of my time and some advance planning, but it’s gotta be done because that’s how it should be anyway. When I get to the point where I can eat on the go and still make healthy choices…that will be a day of days. But for now? We plan. 🙂

My objective is simple enough: Get myself back into shape, and lose all this extra stress weight that I’ve put on.

Once I’m back to that baseline level, I’m going to just keep going towards I reach a new level and eventually my ultimate goal. I’ve been playing around when it comes to my consistency in working towards that goal. I think I’ve had enough of the back and forth, up and down. I’m giving myself until August 1st to hit my goal. I hate the idea of having a ‘goal weight,’ because a couple of years ago when I first started on the journey I knew I wanted to be healthy – regardless of what weight that was. And I found that even when I hit what I thought would be a cool weight for myself, I was surprised to see that I could go further – I just didn’t. I’m not going to say what the numerical weight will be, but suffice to say that the plan itself is to see what I would look like 50+ lbs lighter. Maybe I’ll like it…maybe I’ll love it…maybe I won’t. But I won’t know until I stop the unhealthy patterns that I’ve recently fallen back into.

Why wait until a New Year to make a change that can start right now?

And so it begins.

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3 thoughts on “Stress Eating is a B*TCH

  1. I was where you are a year ago, and I have lost 55 pounds and am doing half marathons through running and watching what I put in my mouth. You can do it — You have done a marathonare and you are AWESOME!!

  2. Sometimes what we need to get through, may not be the best for us. BUt you got through it – realize it and are ready to continue on!

    The nice thing – is that this isn’t a bike you get on/off.. It more like the journey the bike takes. You are just switching paths again – you got this!

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