Putting My Legs to Work

Took my minimalist running shoes out for a test run today…and man I  completely forgot how much harder the body has to work when doing any kind of barefoot/minimalist running. My legs and feet felt strong, but they just felt like they were being worked extra hard. I haven’t done any kind of running in a minimalist shoes since I ran a hole in my vibrams almost 2 years ago.

Yea…I ran a hole in those suckers. It was kinda awesome, but also kinda sad.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying to transition back to a more minimalist/barefoot style of running. I’d like to give the vibrams another shot. So I bought the New Balance Minimus Zero as a transition shoe. They’re super  comfortable to walk around in; I’ve been using them as my gym shoes and they’re great for that. Today I wanted to try them out on the road versus the usual treadmill run which I’ve been using them for lately. Now…I figured it would be a little rough, and I was right. What I didn’t expect was the fatigue I felt in my legs after about 3 miles. I guess that’s why I’m transitioning, right? Got to get my legs and feet accustomed to taking the full brunt of the road. It’s gonna take some time, I’m sure, but I really love the shoes.

Thus far this week, I’ve covered about 13 miles, which is awesome. I haven’t seen that kinda mileage in months. I’m trying to get back into the habit of running 4 times a week, not including the 1 mile warm up runs I usually do on the treadmill before lifting weights. I haven’t hit a regular groove yet – some weeks are better than others, but I’m making progress. That 8 mile run on Monday really got me off to a good start mentally and physically.

The only part of my body that really seems to be taking a beating of sorts are my feet. They’ve been kinda sore after the run – kinda like I’ve been on my feet too long. I’m not worried about it, just kinda attributing that to the fact that I honestly haven’t been on my feet for that long in awhile. Considering the fact that I’ve got a half marathon coming up next weekend, I figure the more time I spend doing runs longer than 3-4 miles, the better off I’d be. This weekend my long run is supposed to be 9 – and you know I’m already considering making it 10, but I will take it as it comes. My times are still slow with some of these longer runs, but again, I think that is just part of the territory of retraining myself and the fact that I did put on a few extra pounds (which I’m sure doesn’t help the matter at all). Instead of obsessing about that event which shall not be named, I’m just going really take it one run and one race at a time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 5 mile speedwork run. Yea, that’s not going to happen. I’m just going to go for a solid 5 mile run. Gotta get the engine nice and warmed up for next weekend’s race.

Happy running!

no matter how long or how fast…i just want to run. do you?


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